10 Best Baby Bouncers of 2021 [Newborns &Reflux]

Parents must master the art of multi-tasking and for sure many of you had the difficult task of trying to keep your baby calm in your arms and at the same time, getting arduous household work done. Don’t worry anymore because we had taken our time to ask fellow parents and also did thorough research ourselves to make your life a little less hectic.

Best Overall Baby Bouncer

(Mom Bonds #1 choice)

  • Stylish design
  • Comfy and cushioning
  • Meets the US standards
  • Convertible to bouncing toddler’s chair

One of the most beneficial items that you could buy for your baby’s nursery is a baby bouncer. Here at Mombonds, we have a lot of parents who swear by on how much of a lifesaver a baby bouncer could be.

We offer you this comprehensive guide on what is a baby bouncer and the benefit that it has for you. We will tackle the important things to take note when purchasing the right baby bouncer for your baby. We will also make sure that we will cover the safety standards and tips when it comes to the use of a baby bouncer and the safety measures that the product should have.

So what exactly is a baby bouncer?

In simple terms, a baby bouncer usually has a padded fabric around a metal frame. On this fabric is where you lay your baby and when they are wriggling and moving about, the baby bouncer will bounce up and down to your baby’s motions.

They are also known as baby bouncy seats or baby bouncer chairs.

What are the differences between a bouncer, a jumper and a swing?

You may have heard and maybe have in mind other baby essentials that can be quite similar to a baby bouncer, for example, a jumper and a swing. They too have unique features that set them apart with a bouncer.

  • Baby Bouncer

For a baby bouncer, you have the option to change your baby’s position either half laying or half seated. It moves up and down when your baby is wriggling about.

  • Baby Jumper

A baby jumper has a harness with two holes to place your baby’s legs and with the use of their toes; they can push themselves off the ground. This creates jumping up and down movement that will allow your baby to use his developing leg muscles.

  • Baby Swing

A baby swing provides a rocking motion back and forth as if you are cradling them in your arms.

The Benefits of A Baby Bouncer

With a baby bouncer, you will be able to put your baby down on it while you do chores or any simple task that you need to finish.Like taking a shower, preparing a meal or even simply having a little stretch for yourself. This will give you a hands-free moment from your baby.

A baby bouncer provides enough safety and security to hold your baby and gives them a little amusement while you go on and do your duties.

  • Gives Parents Spare Time

Since a baby bouncer offers the security of having your little one strapped in comfortably, you will be able to have a little time for yourself and allow you to move about freely to do chores.

  • Helps Soothe Your Baby

When your baby is getting fussy or upset, putting them on a baby bouncer will help them calm down, as the movements of the bouncer will somehow mimic how you carry them in your arms.

  • Multiple Features

With the right baby bouncer, you will be able to utilize multiple bases that it can offer such as feeding, playing and a resting place all in one.

A baby bouncer will be a worthwhile investment with benefits that you can attain given the perfect choice for your baby. However, it is still important to follow safety measures and recommendations for the products to have a better experience for you and your baby.

Table: Top 10 Best Baby Bouncers

How MOMBONDS Chose The Best Baby Bouncers
How to Choose the Best Baby Bouncers

Best Baby Bouncer - 10 Bouncers Reviewed

There are several brands in the marker that seemingly offer the best bouncers that you could purchase. We took the overwhelming task on hand and rounded up the top ten best bouncers that out there to fit you and your baby’s preferences.

Here are the Top 10 Bouncers in the market and why we love them and why you should too:

The Babybjorn Bouncer Balance Soft is easily the top bouncer out of all in the market out there. Its simplicity and smoothness has outstanding features that certainly lead the rest of the baby bouncer pack.

We are extremely impressed by how well-made the Babybjorn Bouncer is, not only of its durability it provides, it is lightweight enough for you to carry it around with you.

[5 / 5]


  • Adjustable positions
  • Battery free
  • Pediatrician recommend


  • Bit expensive

What We Love

Modern and SimpleDesign

Not only is the Babybjorn Bouncer Balance Soft sleek and simple, but it is also ergonomically designed to provide proper support for your baby’s back, neck, and head.

Three Options for Recline Positions

It comes with three adjustable settings that you can easily modify for you and your baby needs. The lowest position is for newborns, the medium and high positions are recommended when your baby can support his head and back upright. It also folds flat making it easier for transport and storage.

The Babybjorn Bouncer Balance Soft doesn’t need plugs or batteries; it does not vibrate and does not have a motor to generate motions. It does not come with toy bars as well.

Convertible & Long-lasting

For the first years of your baby, this will serve great as a bouncer that supports your infant well and when they are a little older, this effectively becomes a comfortable chair for them.

 More To Love

Although it is on the pricier side, you are ultimately investing in a high-quality and versatile bouncer. We’re not the only ones who truly love this piece, a lot of mother echoes that they prefer the Babybjorn Bouncer Balance Soft. For the fabric, you can choose from mesh and to more organic options.

You also do not have to worry about cleaning the seat covers as it you can easily wipe it clean if your baby creates a mess.

Cotton is a fabric known to shrink the cover can be difficult to put back onto the frame after a wash. Much more expesive than other bouncers in the market, and even on this list.

This brand new piece, The Graco Everyway Soother with Removable Rocker is truly an innovative and multipurpose device that will impress you as well. This product earns the second spot in our baby bouncer list.

[4.9 / 5]


  • 6 baby swing speeds
  • Comfortable seats
  • AC adapter swing and vibration


  • DuetSoothe’s motor much noisy

What We Love 

  • Two-in-One

You can easily convert the swing seat into a removable baby rocker. When your baby gets fussy with the swing mode, easily shift it into a rocker mode! 

  • 8 Swinging Motions, Creates 16 Unique Motions

This device will surely keep your baby entertained as it has 8 completely different motions. From an arch that will move up and down over from side to side, to a figure of 8 going in a continuous motion of up, down and around.

The motor for its motion can be a little noisy and it might be an annoyance to your baby. This piece is a little pricier but it is of money’s worth due to its durability and functionality.

More To Love

They provide you with an infant head insert for the comfort of your newborn. The removable rocker gives you portability and you will be able to take it along with you as you travel.

You can recline this seat in three different heights whatever your baby’s preference and comfortability will be.

It is a bit pricey compared to other swings with similar features included in this best swing reviews for newborns. Assembly can be little tricky for this bouncer.

For Parents on a budget, the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker Bouncer will save you some money and still provide you with a satisfying bouncer that will meet your baby’s needs.

[4.9 / 5]


  • Double seat settings
  • Machine washable
  • Easy mobility


  • Produce grinding noise

What We Love

  • Affordable Price

This is one of the most affordable options out there that doesn’t compromise its quality. You will certainly get more than you pay for as this provides you great features for your baby.

  • Easy Transition for Infant to Toddler

There’s nothing better than the assurance that a product will last you long. For their first few years this is easily your baby’s bouncer and when they grow, just remove the toy bar and it will serve as a rocking chair for your toddler.

More to Love

You can remove the seat and set it as a rocker as well. The bouncer will provide you a convenient place for you to feed your baby properly, playing space for them and be able to rest on it as well.

This is battery-operated and you might need replacement batteries for the vibrations to work.The vibration mode does not have a timer it will keep vibrating when it is not switched off.

This has two recline positions that are easy to adjust. Just fold the bottom bar out for it to be reclined and horizontal, giving you a position that is most ideal when you are going to feed your baby. If you lower the bar it will securely be a bouncing seat that will be safe for your infant as well.

This is very compact and designed to be easily stored away, which will give you the convenience of just folding this to be kept neatly.

When it is time to clean the pad, you could just easily remove it and put it in your washing machine.

The toys provided are colorful and will surely grab your baby’s attention. It also has vibrations that will soothe your baby.

The bouncer doesn’t give the impression of a sturdy product and the screws that hold the parts together are very short. Also the backrest is fixed and the toy bar is not padded.

With the Ingenuity InReach Mobile Bouncer, you can easily mobilize your baby in it when you move from room to room. This gives you extra accessibility and will keep your child under your supervision.

You will also appreciate how extremely comfortable the seat is and it will seem like your baby is lying on a plush pillow.

[4.8 / 5]


  • Controlled via mobile app
  • Self-rocking motion
  • Ergonomic design


  • Too heavy

What We Love

  • Mobility& Height

The wheels will help you to take your baby wherever you are in the house. The height is a little raised whichgives you accessible reach and you will find that it is easier to monitor your baby.

  • Smartphone Access

Another impressive feature that this bouncer has is the ability for you to add your smartphone and control the music it has. You can choose from eleven different melodies, soothing nature noises and vibration.

This baby bouncer not only soothes your baby but it is also versatile as it is adjustable to offer you with adequate height for quick monitoring. The frame is foldable to ease with storage.

More To Love

This is a well-made product that allows you to fold it for you to store away neatly and also be able to bring it anywhere you need it.

They provide you a five-point harness and safety strap to ensure you of your baby’s security. The wheels have locks to keep it stationary when you need it to and ensure there are no unnecessary movements.

The materials in this bouncer are very easy to clean and you can just wipe to ensure its cleanliness. You can also easily throw the seat cover in your washing machine when you decide to clean it.

The seat is not adjustable though it still remains comfortable. Only use the swing on the floor and never on an elevated platform. Never leave your infant unattended.

Perfect for parents who are constantly on-the-go and need a lightweight bouncer to bring along with the family. The Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer is exactly what you will need.

No frills and no extra complications this is the best travel bouncer companion for you and your baby!

[4.7 / 5]


  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Lacks no assembly
  • Battery free


  • Not too smooth jerky

What We Love

  • Portability

We cannot say enough on how good the portability is for The Tiny Love Take-Along. You will be at ease and breeze of folding it.

There’s a carry bag provided for you so you don’t have to worry about where to pack it.

  • No Assembly

Adding to its convenience, there are just three easy steps that you can follow to put it back into its folded place. You can also easily just plop it into place when you are going to place your baby.

This lightweight bouncer is great for travel also there is no difficulty to assemble which is required on this bouncer. Tiny bouncer is great for indoor use and outdoor use. The bouncer folds into a bag for ease of travel.

  • Travel-Friendly

With its portability, this is a good alternative to bring indoors and outdoors for travel. Whether you are out camping or in a hotel, this is compact enough for you to carry and set up wherever you may be.

More To Love

The material on the seat is breathable and will not irritate your baby. It is very easy to clean as well so rest assured that you would still be able to keep your baby’s bouncer hygienic.

The bouncer is more of a chair and is very tough for a baby to bounce, also the design is simple with no thrills but the price is higher than some other models.

Sleek and functional this automatic baby bouncer provides you with Bluetooth music connection, vibration speed of two and an auto-shutoff after thirty minutes for your convenience.

[4.5 / 5]


  • Auto-shut off system
  • Easy storage and transport
  • MP3 plug-in & Bluetooth


  • Hard to fold

What We Love 

  • Bluetooth Option

There’s nothing more annoying than hearing the same nursery rhymes for your baby, you have the option to interchange it to any baby music that you can play for your little one.

  • Auto Shut-Off

This comes with an automatic shut-off after thirty minutes just right for your baby to fall asleep and not be overstimulated.

  • Safety Features

There is a three point-harness available designed for your baby’s security and you can also adjust it to your baby’s preference.

Evenflo Lyric Musical Bouncer is actually a perfect combination of fun and sleep. The auto shut-off system makes this bouncer as a perfect bouncer for any mom. Easy to store, carry, and transport.

More To Love

They have newborns in mind as they provided an infant head insert for babies to be able to use the bouncer early on as well. They also come with two toys on the toy bar that adds to the fun of this bouncer.The recliner has two positions as well which you can utilize according to your baby’s needs.

The volume option is up until the sixth level and you can adjust it base on your baby’s preference.

To make your cleaning process easier, you can remove the seat cover and wash it easily in your washing machine.

Vibration and music may make noise sometimes also it’s hard to lock the toy bar. The toy bar falls off onto the baby which is very dangerous also it requires batteries for multiple functions.

The Stokke Steps Bouncer is highly praised, not just by us but other parents as well. It has comfortable padding and its design is made for maximum support for your baby.

[4.3 / 5]


  • Good comfort levels
  • Attachable to chair
  • Promote spine development


  • Easily Outgrown

What We Love 

  • Ergonomic Design

With collaboration with a Pediatric Physiotherapist, this is guaranteed to fit your baby’s body to their maximum comfort. There is an infant head insert provided as well that also has been made ergonomically. It will efficiently support your newborn to its fullest and be a great comfort to your baby.

  • Four Adjustable Positions

The positions are made to match your baby’s weight as they grow to ensure that they are at ease whatever their size and position is.

If you are looking for a bouncer that provides good paddling and support, the Stokke Steps is exactly what you are looking for. The interchangeable parts are very easy to set up and well designed. it is made from high-quality materials which are easily cleanable.

More To Love

This bouncer provides great safety measures with a five-point safety harness that is padded as well to support your baby comfortably in both the shoulders and waist. It also has a very sturdy base to make sure that the bouncer will not slide across easily.

The speeds of the bouncer are slower compared to some other bouncers. The toy bar has a hard time staying on; falls on the baby. The legs of the bouncer stick out making it a trip hazard for the adults.

Best for your baby who loves to snuggle all day long.  The Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer provides your baby the softest material with plushy fabric all around the seat. This will keep your baby snuggled and relaxed all day long.

[4.2 / 5]


  • 6 different swing speeds
  • Non-skid feet design
  • Baby bouncer with music


  • Has grinding noise

What We Love 

  • Multiple Entertainment

It has a rotating overhead mobile that will certainly catch your baby’s attention. There are also sixteen soothing music and two nature sounds that will keep your baby at ease.

  • Swing Speeds

This bouncer provides six different swing speeds to soothe your baby enough to calm them down or put them to sleep.

It is one of the soft and comfortable bouncer designed to provide maximum support. This model supports your newborn from head to toe. Its soft, plush fabrics are extremely gentle on baby’s sensitive skin while removable support keeps the child safe and secure.

More To Love

The seat gives support to your baby from head to toe and will ensure that they are snuggled to their maximum comfort. The two vibrations that this bouncer offers are calming and soothing for your baby. For their safety, they have a three-point safety strap that you can adjust according to your baby’s preference. You will be able to adjust its reclining positions as well.

This bouncer requires batteries for the sounds and vibrations. It costs more than some other bouncers in this list. There are not many items to entertain an older baby.

If you’re a little tight on budget, this will still give your baby the comfort and satisfy their needs. This has a unique curved base that gives a very stylish look but of relief at the same time.

[4.0 / 5]


  • Elegant curvy shape
  • Ultra modern minimalist design
  • Removable toy bar with two attractive toys


  • Bouncer without music or sound

What We Love 

  • Curved Based

The curvy design is specifically designed to optimize support to your baby and even best for newborns.

  • Removable Toy Bar

This bouncer has toys provided that will encourage them to play and develop their motor skills and their eye-hand coordination as well.

The curvy design of this bouncer gives back support to babies, especially to newborns. The bouncer has 3 adjustable buckle resistant to keep your baby safe. The non-skid design keeps the bouncer in place. The bouncer is also machine washable.

More To Love

This bouncer comes with a three-point adjustable strap to keep your baby safe in the bouncers. You can enable the vibrations with an easy single switch. The vibrations are soft enough to calm your fussy baby.

The pad is easy to clean and you can wash it in your washing machine.

Your baby needs to be able to support their own head before using this bouncer. The design is too simple and the toys are not engaging. You will need to purchase batteries for sound and vibrating modes.

One of the more unique bouncers in this list, the GracoDuetConnect LX Swing and Bouncer, as the name says, it is a swing and bouncer in one! If you can’t decide why not get both and this will toss your dilemma.

[3.8 / 5]


  • Double-way power option
  • Classic style music
  • AC adapter for swing and vibration


  • The motor can be noisy

 What We Love

  • Two-in-One

What’s better than a two-in-one product? This will satisfy your baby’s entertainment needs. You can easily remove the seat and use it as a bouncer and when your baby needs a little change, you can just put it back as a swing.

  • Head Support

The seat can be reclined guaranteeing your baby’s body support and be of comfort.

  • Music & Vibrations

The two vibration settings as well as the five-nature sounds and ten songs will keep your baby at ease and help them fall asleep as well.

The Graco DuetConnect includes a large sitting area for the child, a vibrating seat, 6 swinging speeds, multiple melodic choices with nature sounds. Wall adapter for plug in use, battery option also available. Vibration option has 2 settings – Classical style music.

More To Love

An awesome feature that this bouncer also has, you can use batteries and also plug it in if ever your battery runs out. This will save you the trouble of replacing batteries.

The frame is stable enough and it guarantees that your baby is in a safe seat. They also have a five-point strap for you to secure baby in the bouncer.

Only side to side swinging motion, More operational noise than competing brands, Setup instructions not that good, Harness padding seems cheap, Non adjustable mobile sits too low.

What to look for in a Baby Bouncer


Your baby will be in the baby bouncer seat for a quite long time and it is important to understand what is comfortable for your baby.

  • When you check the material for the seat, it should be soft to the touch and the seams should not be crass to prevent irritation of the baby’s skin.
  • Padded seats are also important to keep your baby comfortable but make sure that the padding is not too much to keep proper support for your baby.
  • Another top is to make sure that the seat reclines because as your child grows, they need to be in an upright position most of the time then on.


Ensure that the materials for the bouncers are sturdy enough and should be according to your baby’s height and weight. These are features of frames that you should take note as well:

  • Avoid generic baby bouncers that have plastic material for the frame. These are less sturdy in comparison to metal frames.
  • Keep in mind that the wider the bases of the bouncer, the harder for it to fall over.
  • Some baby bouncers can be neatly folded and this will give you the convenience of putting it away in storage and also being able to carry it around with you.
  • Also, check that the underside of the base has non-slip pads on them to prevent slipping of bouncers while your baby is in it.

Entertainment Features

Some baby bouncer features entertainment to keep your baby stimulated and there are multiple features out there. Here are important things to note:

  • Some offer tunes in the baby bouncers, nature sounds and nursery rhyme. Be wary that some have a limited playlist and repetition of music can drive you a little crazy so choose a bouncer that will let you play a whole range suitable for you and your baby.
  • There are toy bars provided as well in bouncers. You have the option to attach your baby’s favorite toys on these toy rails for them to reach and play. Another note is,not all toy rails are removableand some are permanently attached to the bouncer.
  • Some great models have a vibration in them. These are best for newborns as they are still unable to bounce themselves. For a comfortable experience when your bouncer has a vibration option, check that your seat pad has enough padding to keep them relaxed.

Safety Features

For safe and secure use of a baby bouncer, here are features that you need to be wary of.

  • The straps that will hold your baby in place should be strong and durable. Make sure that it is strapped into baby comfortably so as not to irritate your baby.
  • Check the weight limit for the baby bouncer in mind. This is important as some bouncer cannot hold heavier baby’s and has a maximum weight capacity.

Famous Baby Bouncer Manufacturers

There may be brands that you have heard of previously and may want to know more about why they are popular. We lined up a few brands that we have tackled on the top 10 list as well and give you a summary who they are: 


They are well-known for being the revolutionary creators of baby carrying designs. They have a wide array of well-made baby products. These products do cost more but they are rightfully so because of the way they make it a quality piece. Their notable design is in the product’s simplicity focusing more on the comfort and ergonomics of your baby.


Fisher-Price is a well-loved brand that has been around for a long time. They make wonderful children’s toys and equally fantastic baby items as well. For their baby bouncers, the main focus of their design is to entertain your little one with tunes, movements and little activities to keep them engaged.

Tiny Love

Tiny Love ensures that baby’s needs are met through their products that are mostly focused on development of the little ones. Their designs for baby bouncers are usually bright and with bursts of color but at the same time meeting the right needs for your baby.


Graco is a premium brand that excels in durability and safety of each of their baby products. They create sleek and elegant baby bouncers that offer great functionality and convenience for parents and their babies.

Final Words

Baby bouncers are great both for parents and your baby. It will provide you a place for your baby to play, eat, rest and be entertained. When you choose the perfect for your baby, it will guarantee you hours of comfort and entertainment. This will also give you a little time to do what you need around the house and also still take care of yourself. A baby bouncer will also allow your baby to develop independent play and improve their motor skills.

It is important to note that it is still crucial to keep on your baby along with these bouncers.

With this guide, we hope that you carefully consider the features and tips when it comes to purchasing a baby bouncer.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.

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