10 Best Baby Breathing Monitors In 2021 (For Surveillance)

Baby breathing devices are now available in a wide variety of different models and brands. Do you have a night vision, sleep tracking, temperature & humidity sensors? Or Do you have the Best Baby Monitors that can detect SIDS?

Best Overall Baby Breathing Monitor

(Mom Bonds #1 Choice)

  • Wakeup Technology
  • Trigger Fluctuating Sounds
  • Cordless Baby Monitor
  • One-Handed Clip Operation
first rank

We’ve put together our research to help you find the best baby breathing monitors for worried and sleepless moms.

This article focuses exclusively on 10 Best Baby Monitors that detect breathing in infants.

These breathing monitors come with a bundle of technical features such as power source, monitor range in a large house, sensor strength, alarm sound, and intensity.

The Levana Oma Sense got the first rank in our listing among the various baby breathing monitors available on the market right today. Due to its usability and versatility, it’s selling rapidly.

Here we’ve reviewed the 10 best newborn baby breathing monitors in 2020. Let’s dive in to get a better idea.

Table: Top 10 Best Baby Breathing Monitors

S.No Product Name Rating Pricing
1. Levana-Oma-Sense-Baby-Breathing-Monitor Levana Oma Sense [5/5] Amazon
2. Miku-Smart-Baby-Monitor Miku [4.9/5] Amazon
3. Snuza-Hero-Baby-Movement-Monitor Snuza Hero [4.9/5] Amazon
4. Angelcare-Baby-Monitor Angelcare [4.8/5] Amazon
5. Cocoon-Cam-Plus Cocoon Cam Plus [4.8/5] Amazon
6. NANNY-Baby-Movement-European-Monitor NANNY Baby [4.6/5] Amazon
7. Babysense-Video-&-Baby-Movement-Monitor Babysense [4.5/5] Amazon
8. Owlet-Smart-Sock-2-Baby-Monitor Owlet [4.4/5] Amazon
9. New-Babysense-7-Baby-Movement-Monitor New Babysense 7 [4.2/5] Amazon
10. Snuza-Go!-Wireless-Baby-Monitor Snuza Go! [4/5] Amazon

Best Baby Breathing Monitors - 10 Monitors Reviewed


The Levana Oma Sense will give you a breeze, and it performs stunningly to always keeping an eye on your baby’s breathing.

It possesses trustworthy parental approval and great usability assurement from the users, this is why I chose this as my top pick.

The Levana uses a patented, one-hand clip-on feature which makes easy removal and attachment device from your baby.

There’s no need for heavy attachment just clip the Oma onto your baby’s diaper or pajamas. Moreover, the monitor is never in contact with your baby thus the baby’s skin won’t be hurt.

The manufacturer recommended that you shouldn’t clip the monitor somewhere near to the belly of the baby which is the only remarkable thing about this product.
The Oma comes with wakeup technology that stimulates the baby to start breathing and moving.


  • LED light alert and emergency alarm parents
  • Utilizes wakeup technology
  • Cordless and long-lasting battery
  • The wearable clipping method
  • For infants 0-6 months of age
If your baby isn’t moving within 5 seconds of the stimulus, then an LED light and alarm integrated with the monitor will activate to alert you. This cordless system is powered with a battery that makes it completely portable.

On the whole, the detector can meet the breathing patterns of your baby and will operate accordingly.

If you’re looking for easy and simple solutions, then this is an effective one for you to monitor your infant’s breathing.


  • Easy to clip on baby’s diaper
  • Battery-powered baby monitor
  • Highly Portable and easy to handle


  • Replaceable batteries (Can’t recharge)

If you’re a powerful explorer, then the Miku Smart Baby Monitor is for you. Not every parent ends up with a simple solution, they should analyze beyond the perfect one. The Miku includes intelligent technology that tracks your child 24X7.

The contact-free design of this device is the greatest benefit of this baby monitor. So you need not worry about your baby’s breathing.

Plus, this device is equipped with an all-in-one monitor system. Therefore, you won’t have to buy a separate monitor to detect your baby’s activity.

The whole system is utilized to regulate breathing, humidity, temperature, motion, and soundtracks. You can also get a warning from anywhere with its Miku app. With this developed technology, you can still check your child if you are away from them.

Highlights of Miku Smart Breathing Monitor

  • Two-way Talk monitor
  • HD video and audio
  • Smart crypto security monitor
  • Ultimate security with FSA/HGA approved
  • Sound, movement, temperature and humidity detection

This monitor is designed with smartphone compatibility thus you can save videos and images of your baby to your list.

The Miku is composed of an HD video camera to provide extra ears and eyes to monitor for detecting every single movement of your infant.

Overall, the Miku Smart Baby Breathing Monitor is also highly recommended for the parents who love gadgets or devices that come with wireless features.


  • Live monitoring
  • Wide-ranging mounting kit
  • Improved night vision aspect


  • A bit expensive

The Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor is similar to the Oma Sense Monitor.

Snuza also comes with the clipping method that is attached to the diaper or pajamas for tracking your baby’s motion. Like the Oma, triggering sensations are used to stimulate the baby and then follow up with a warning. It is water-proof against bed-wetting and slobber, too.

This is the best budget choice for your household on our list, because it comes with an affordable price range. It tracks the breathing and movement-rate of your baby and delivers it as a report to you.

This clip-on sensor also contains alarm and signal lights to warn you if your baby reacts atypical. It also has a case for storage, a baby-safe lock on teeth and very clear instruction booklet for your convenient usage.


  • Simple design with no cords
  • Warnings with a bright flashing light or loud alarm
  • Made with premium-quality medical materials
  • Tiny size is perfect for travel

Furthermore, this baby breathing monitor is made of medical-quality plastics to prevent skin damages.

In our survey, Snuza Hero Baby Monitor is perfectly fit for the babies with extremely sensitive skin or allergies.


  • Stimulation features
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Very sensitive and easy-to-use


  • It doesn't provide tracking data

As its name implies, the Angelcare is the conventional baby monitor that comes with an easy-to-read digital display. That can track the activity, sounds, and temperature of your infant.

This monitor can detect every single movement of the baby, if there is no motion after 20 seconds of triggering, then an integrated alarm will play its role.

It’s built with a two-way audio option to give or receive audio from anywhere in the home, that you can talk with your baby anywhere in your home.

The open field range of the monitor is up to 820 feet, and indoor range is more than 262-328 foot. This open field range is pretty good when its compared with most other breathing devices.


  • 4.3” LCD touchscreen parent unit
  • Wall-mounted or tabletop camera 
  • An under-the-mattress wireless breathing sensor pad
  • Adjustable movement sensitivity levels

An LCD touchscreen integrated with this Angelcare will enable you to monitor the sensitivity of the motion detector. Alos, it will track low power, temperature, and sounds of your baby in every single second.

The Angelcare is also called the ‘Parent-Unit’, which is compact and can be powered with rechargeable batteries.

The remarkable drawback of this conventional baby breathing monitor is that it takes some time to set up, and some parents noticed that the instructions are a bit complicated to understand.


  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Includes video monitoring
  • Visual sound level indicator


  • Doesn’t comes with multi-functionality

Cocoon provides all the basics of a baby monitor appropriate for ordinary nomads. They provide images with 1080p resolutions, a nice iOS app, and audio alerts for when your baby is crying out loud, but the breathing patterns are its key added value.

Featuring night vision HD video to provide excellent surveillance of your baby, and this high-tech system provides real-time imagery and tracking footages.

Cocoon Cam Plus comes with a smart app to connect with your smartphone. With that compatibility, you will be prompted if any changes that occur in the movement and breathing of your baby.

If the motion of your baby is static for more than 20 seconds, the alarm or signal light will activate to warn you to attend to your baby.


  • Provide real-time breathing rate 
  • Two-way communication
  • Free smartphone app
  • Equipped with a built-in microphone
  • Crystal clear live stream

The built-in microphone and speaker lets you hear clearly what’s going on in his/her bedroom.

Besides, you’ll receive updates about everything via this monitor even if he/she just starts walking.

The devices don’t come with any pads or clips to attach with kids so that they won’t get irritated with an extra property on their body or clothes.

Moreover, the safe HD video camera does all the detection work properly. You can monitor and chat with your baby via this HD camera.


  • Built-in speaker
  • All-in-one monitor
  • Night vision HD video


  • Must be mounted on the wall

This is considered as one of the best SIDS risk reduction monitoring devices. It’s widely used in hospitals as well as a home for putting under your baby to monitor all motion levels including those subtle rises and chest falls.

Nanny is the baby device only for tracking the breathing rate, that’s equipped with a loud alarm and flashing light to indicate when there is no action done by the baby after the 20 seconds of stimulation.

The installation of the device is pretty simple, and you can place the detecting monitor under the bed sheet or top of the crib mattress.


  • It triggers a loud acoustic and visual alarm
  • Certified medical device (EU)
  • The size doesn’t affect the monitor’s detection capabilities
  • Powered by the rechargeable batteries

The complete system is controlled by a long-lasting and rechargeable lithium-ion battery unit. It has the best warranty, meaning this electronic device never diminishes the brightness of the light and sound of the acoustic alarms.

As I mentioned above this baby breathing monitor is widely used in hospitals, so parents who love to monitor their kids in 24 hours a day will surely like this one.


  • Highly sensitive mat
  • Budget friendly product
  • Easy to handle and portable


  • No audio/video feed

The Babysense is one of our most cost-effective professional choices among other expensive baby breathing detection monitors.

This baby breathing monitor is pretty simple and offers two sensor pads that fit under a baby mattress to capture micro-movements and provide information about breathing, temperature, movement with available audio and even visual options.

It also comes with an extra security camera monitor thus you can control the breathing and activity monitor to provide comfort to your baby.

The Parent App provides tabletop or wall mounting options to the parent and has a large number of additional features including Eco Mode Voice Activation, temperature notifications, camera zoom control, playable lullabies on the crib side.


  • Easy one-button activation
  • Auto infrared night vision cam
  • 2.4-inch high definition color LCD
  • Secure interference-free connection
  • Long-range up to 900 ft

You can use one or both pads depending on how often or how much your child runs. These pads will track the micro-movements of the baby in its sleep.

The device will trigger the alarm if there are either 1) no micro-movements in a 20-second duration or 2) less than 10 micro-movements in a minute.


  • Two-way communication
  • Room temperature display
  • Auto Scan View + 2x digital zoom


  • Battery life could have been better

The Owlet Smart Sock device uses clinically-proven pulse oximetry technology to control a baby’s heartbeat rate and oxygen levels.

The integrated camera comes with a night vision and transparent HD technology to provide the precise visuals. The free, encrypted Wi-Fi network lets you watch your baby anywhere, anytime.

The Owlet Smart Sock uses a smart sock sensor that you add to your baby’s foot to monitor your baby’s vitals. It is a pulse oximeter intended for a boy.

If the flashing light located on the base station glows green, the heart rate and oxygen levels are steady. This means everything is perfect. However, when the vital changes, the base station emits a warning of light and sound.


  • Rechargeable sock lasts up to 18 hours
  • Base Station wifi 802.11b/g/n
  • Monitor your baby’s real-time status from anywhere
  • Tracks data via your smartphone

This tool is compatible with a smartphone app introduced by Owlet to monitor your baby and provide updates no matter where you are anywhere in your home.

Moreover, these Socks are guaranteed for BPA-free, lead-free and latex-free, besides it’s against wetting thus you won’t get worried about the exterior damages.

Parents who possess the mischievous infant will definitely need this Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor to detect all the necessary things of your baby.


  • Comes with three socks
  • Connect multiple devices
  • Records oxygen level & heartbeat rate


  • Expensive

If you feel uncomfortable clipping or tying a tool to your infant, then try this under-mattress device produced by the famous brand New Babysense. It is highly sensitive and records every movement of your baby on the mattress.

Totally four cameras are integrated with this unit which can be installed in the bedroom or crib, all of which are high-definition capable with the pads over a safe interference-free link for reliable streaming and crystal-clear vision.

The acoustic alarm with the device will turn on while the baby doesn’t react even after the 20 seconds of stimulation or their movement is slower than expected.

The sensor system does not have direct contact with the child and hence is secure to use.

For added safety, the breathing monitor is fitted with two sensor pads that afford complete crib coverage. Machines and pads are designed to avoid disrupting your baby’s sleep and charge all components.


  • Highly sensitive alarm and LEDs
  • Hidden connecting wires
  • Easy one-button activation
  • It is suitable for infants from birth
  • Operates on 4 AA batteries

This system has an original proprietary design, and it is truly beneficial to motherhood.

The sensors don’t emit any radiation that could damage the kid because the wiring functions are well enveloped and fitted with high-quality plastic.


  • HSA/FSA approved
  • High accuracy reports
  • Full coverage sensor pads


  • The mobile app doesn’t included

Snuza Go! Baby Breathing Monitor is the simple budget option in our list, which is one of the favorite parent products for infants those who sleep in the adjacent bedroom or right next to the parent in the same bedroom.

This bright orange breath sensor includes three warning settings. The sensor will react after 20 seconds of stimulation to denote that that baby doesn’t breathe normally.

Also, if the baby’s abdominal movements are slow, the monitor often activates a warning.

It includes three colors of indicators to denote the level of the problem.


  • Wearable multi functional device 
  • Simply clips onto the diaper
  • Alerts if baby’s abdominal movements are weak
  • Elegant design with cords

If the light is green it means normal breathing; if it is orange, the baby gets slow breathing or does just eight movements per minute. Finally, the red shows that there is no movement in the baby.

The clip-on sensor also contains warning alarm, a storage case, a baby-safe clip on teeth, and clear user directions.

The installation of the device is much simple as we think and it’s very responsive due to its long-lasting battery power.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Multiple audible alarms
  • Portable and small design


  • No whistles and bells

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