10 Best Baby Crib Mattresses of 2021

Do you know a fact? Every baby grows during sleep. If your baby has not shown continuous growth, possibilities are that your baby is not getting good sleep. Most babies sleep most the time during the first few months. There are babies who sleep even 16 hours a day. So offering them a cozy environment for sleeping is very important. That’s you need to offer your child with a crib mattress.

Best Overall Crib Mattress

(Mom Bonds #1 choice)

  • Greater comfort for toddlers
  • Hypoallergenic & phthalate free
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • Greengaurd gold certified

When choosing a mattress for yourself, you can buy one with the most comfort. But when choosing for a baby, the first feature which you look in it would be the safety of the baby followed by comfort.

As per the federal government, there are rules regarding the thickness and size of crib mattresses. But not all manufacturers adhere to those rules.

When it comes to choosing a crib mattress, there are three options put before you.

They are foam, innerspring and organic options.

Considering factors like safety, support, cleaning, price, firmness, and breathability, we have researched and found out 10 best crib mattresses for babies.

This list will help you skip the tedious screening process and you don’t have to go through hundreds of models. These mattresses help to reduce the risks of sleeping related problems and offers safe and healthy sleep to your babies.

How MOMBONDS Chose Baby Crib Mattresses
How to choose a Best Baby Crib Mattress

Best Baby Crib Mattress – 10 Crib Mattress Reviewed

Why we love it

The Colgate Eco Crib mattress is made of sustainable oils and the highest quality of safety materials. This mattress is Eco-friendly and offers great sleep for your baby. This six-inch thick, orthopedic standard baby mattress fits all sizes toddler beds.

[5 / 5]


  • Very snug
  • Long lasting
  • Lightweight


  • Stains are difficult to remove

The Colgate Eco Crib mattress comes with double sided foam. You can use the extra firm side for infants and the less firm side for toddlers.

You can easily flip the mattress when your child grows into a toddler. It is an important aspect of this mattress.This mattress has an ultra-soft organic cotton cover, with a food-grade waterproof backing.

 This cover is certified by greenguard gold and certipur standards. Presence of this cover helps to prevent your child from dust mites and bed bugs.

Colgate puts the safety first when they are creating their mattresses. It has used only high-quality Certi-PUS US certified foam which is safe and eco-friendly for your baby. The mattress can be flipped over for a softer and a more comfortable pad.

You can’t remove the mattress cover, so you should use washable sheets over the mattress. It is also very hard to remove any stains from the cover. So make sure you use washable sheets over it all the time. You should clean this mattress with a wet cloth and a mild soap and wipe it instantly.

The even surface of the mattress gives a comfortable sleep, muscle strength, and it helps your baby to breathe easily.

This Colgate mattress weights 7 pounds. It is very lightweight when compared to other brands.

It doesn’t have any smell even after prolonged usage, so you don’t have to worry about any breathing problem for your baby.

This organic, eco-friendly Colgate eco Crib mattress is the perfect choice for your little one. It offers great value for your money.

The corners should have been squared, rather than being rounded. The worst thing about this model is that it’s not 100% organic despite what the manufacturer claims. It didn’t have any off-gassing upon arrival, it is not an organic material.

Why we love it

Safety 1st heavenly dreams crib mattress is made using thermo bonded polyester fibers with a high density. It is certified by the Greenguard Gold standards for its low chemical emission quality.

[4.9 / 5]


  • Easy to clean
  • Protect from allergies
  • Phthalate and lead-free


  • Not dual side

It comes with a polypropylene vinyl laminated cover, so it lasts for a long period. This cover is waterproof. The cover is hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about any allergies.

This mattress fits any sized baby cribs and toddler beds. It weighs 7 pounds and easy for you to move it.

It offers pretty edge support and holds up the bed. The square corners in this mattress make it fit any bed perfectly.

Safety 1st is a very affordable choice out there with high ratings and is definitely worth considering it. This hypoallergenic mattress is made with a high density, fiber thermo-bonded core for solid support.

This mattress is stitched by tight seams hence it is impossible for your baby to swallow threads from this mattress.

The next major feature is the zipper. The zipper of this mattress is of great quality and is a breeze to zip and unzip.

It weighs 8 pounds, so you can pick it with just three fingers. Handling this mattress is very convenient.

The most important feature of this mattress is safety. It is water and flame resistant, thus keeping your baby safe and comfortable.

It comes in three colors. This can be a good option for your baby if the price suits your budget.

Safety 1st heavenly dreams crib mattress helps to keep your baby safe while sleeping.

Not so breathable compared to other Organic Mattresses for a crib. It also does not come with the toddler/infant dual sides. It supports children up to 30 pounds.

Why we love it

The Moonlight slumber little dreamer crib mattress is made by the safest quality materials which can be extremely convenient for your baby. This mattress is certified by the greenguard and certipur standards.

As per our research, the moonlight slumber crib mattress comes with an inner fire resistant layer but does not contain any fire retardant chemicals. So it is very safe for your baby.

[4.9 / 5]


  • Antimicrobial
  • Water resistant
  • Safe and Durable


  • It is too firm

This mattress is designed with advanced health and safety features for your little ones and offers great sleep for your baby.

It has a dual side sleep system, you can use both sides for your baby. It is made of extra firm plant-based foam & soft and plush foam making it an ideal choice for your babies.

The fabric used in this mattress is medical grade and non-toxic fabric. It is water, stain, and odor resistant. So cleaning this mattress is a very simple process. You can clean the mattress by using a damp sponge and warm water.

This is a dual purpose mattress designed to grow with your child. It is completely free from harsh chemicals that can cause respiratory problem or allergies. The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer crib mattress comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

The weight of this mattress is just 10 pounds, so you can easily change the cover of it whenever you need to.

The most important feature of this moonlight mattress is air flow ribbon. It is used to suck the heat from the layers and keep your baby cool at night.

The edge of the mattress is designed in such a way that prevents your baby from bed bugs.

The main difference between moonlight mattress and other mattresses is its simple design. This mattress doesn’t have the extraordinary design, fancy seams, and a fancy zipper. That’s why it is very affordable.

The moonlight slumber is an eco-friendly mattress. It is a very comfortable and chemical free mattress.

Create the safe sleep to your baby with a moonlight slumber little dreamer crib mattress.

The outer nylon cover is thin, so you need to use another mattress cover to get the best possible protection. There is an odor apparent after unwrapping the product, so you need to let it air out for 72 hours before placing it in the crib.

Why we love it

The Sealy perfect mattress is constructed with a soy-based foam core and a heavy duty material. The heat tempered innerspring coils of this mattress last for a long period. The low chemical emission of this mattress will offer a healthier sleeping to your baby.

[4.8 / 5]


  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect for all cribs
  • Perfect vinyl cover


  • Airflow doesn’t enough

This mattress comes with four thick hypoallergenic layers to keep the mattress flexible and prevents allergies. It gives a comfy sleep to your baby.

The cover of this mattress comes with lock-stitched waterproof binding. It helps to prevent stains and moisture.

The secure edge of this mattress gives perfect support if the baby sits on the mattress.

This mattress is the best solution for your child and also fits perfectly in all normal size cribs. This mattress comes at great prices for anything of its quality and caliber. The cushioned wrap is hypoallergenic and provides your baby with plenty of comfort.

It has 150 durable steel innerspring coils for providing comfortable firmness.

The important feature of this mattress is airflow. It comes with an airflow pocket, also provides perfect airflow without any small part hazards.

It is perfect to fit both cribs and toddler beds.

These mattress pads are tested and certified by the greenguard gold, so you need not worry about the safety.

Sealy mattress is very firm and lightweight. That’s why we recommend this mattress for your babies.

This lightweight mattress does not have the phthalates, lead, mercury, so it is the safest mattress for your baby. The Sealy perfect mattress is the best choice for newborns, infants, and toddler.

This seems like a mattress that’s likely to sag with time. It’s hard to believe a baby would get a good night sleep on it. This mattress makes so much noise so child cannot sleep on it.

Why we love it

It is one of the innovative mattresses in the market. Newton Baby Waterproof crib mattress is made from a fine filament of plastic polymer. It provides the perfect level of air circulation which helps your baby to sleep for long hours. This mattress is certified and tested by the greengaurd gold standards. It ensures the safety protection of your baby.

[4.7 / 5]


  • Lightweight
  • Perfect firmness
  • No harmful chemicals


  • Quite pricey

The Breathe thru technology is used in this mattress for flowing the air freely inside of the layers. And it gives a perfect temperature regulation. It keeps your baby from overheating.

The waterproof layer of the mattress is made of 100 percent polyester material. It dries faster when compared to cotton. It is very light to touch.

100% breathable. Newton crib mattresses are woven in a style that means that 90% of the interior is free air. The fact that the Newton crib mattress is completely washable is amazing! Knowing you can simply wash it all makes those situations a little more bearable.

It is designed with a stretchable corner, so it easily fits any standard size of cribs.

This mattress is 100% washable. You can wash it on the washing machine or a bathtub. It is the best way to remove bacteria.

Newton mattress provides more support to the neck and shoulders of your baby. It ensures comfortable and flexible sleep throughout the night.

This mattress is very safe and hygienic your baby from the risk. This mattress is approved by the FDA.

It provides the highest quality edge support. It gives more grip to the mattress if your baby sits on the mattress.

Each inch of the Newton crib mattress is designed for your baby’s health and safety. You no need to worry about your baby’s safety.

The newton Baby Crib Mattress is not the cheapest on the market but it does offer the highest quality. Its cover is a bit scratchy, which may cause your baby to feel uncomfortable when tossing and turning. So, you will need to use a sheet.

Why we love it

Dream on me foam core is a 2 in 1 mattress designed for both infants and toddlers. The mattress is made from soybean oil and high-quality materials. It offers more space for your baby for playing and sleeping.

[4.5 / 5]


  • Easy to carry
  • Sturdy design
  • Premium quality


  • Does not fits the cribs

The lightweight dream on me mattress is stain -resistant. So the cleaning process is very simple. You can clean with a damp cloth and mild soapy water.

The length of the mattress is six inches, which provides a more comfortable sleep for your baby.

Parents are really happy with the level of firmness and comfort that the Dream On Me baby mattress provides to their baby. This mattress helps the transition from bassinet to cot and provides a safe environment for baby to sleep.

It offers high-density foam for maximum comfort. The cover of this mattress is hypoallergenic, so you no need to worry about the allergies. It is completely safe, doesn’t create any skin problems to your little one.

This mattress lasts for a long period of time. It is the perfect choice for your budget.

The high density of the foam has increased the durability of the mattress.

This mattress cover comes with a lock-stitched binding technology. It helps to prevent your baby from the allergies.

The notable feature of this mattress is the waterproof cover. If your baby’s diaper is leaked, you can easily wipe out it.  So you don’t have to worry about the mess. This cover is also antibacterial.

If you want to save space, you should buy this Dream on me mattress. It will offer a high level of comfort and sung sleep to your baby.

The worst thing about this crib mattress is the fact that it’s not 100% natural. Some consumers complain it does not fit standard cribs. It seems that it is not as breathable.

Why we love it

Graco premium foam crib mattress is constructed by the high-quality material. The breathable foam ensures the comfortable airflow to your baby.

[4.3 / 5]


  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • High-quality material


  • Take a long time to get back in its original size

The cover of this mattress is made by quilted polyester, which helps to avoid your baby from the moisture. This removable cover is fine and waterproof.

This five-inch highest quality baby foam mattress fits all size toddler beds which has a square corner, so it easily fits in the cribs.

This mattress gives full support to your baby’s bone structure.

The Graco Premium Foam Crib Mattress features a water-resistant lining to help keep your baby clean and dry. This mattress is made with anti-static and anti-microbial materials and is free of phthalates and lead for your child’s safety and your peace of mind.

Graco does not contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates and lead. So it provides the safest sleep for your child.

You can store this mattress into a very compact area. It provides a convenient feature within an affordable price.

The fabric of this mattress is not organic but it builds in polyethylene safe materials. The fabric is full of antimicrobial and anti-static substances, it offers the best level of safety to your baby.

The weight of this mattress is 7 pounds, so you can pick it easily. You can change the cover regularly without any effort.

This mattress is certified by greenguard gold and certipur standards.

The firm of this mattress helps to improve the muscle strength of your baby’s body and gives a cozy sleep for a long time.

This water-resistant mattress helps to keep your baby dry and clean.

Graco Premium Mattress may be lumpy or bumpy also this one may not hold its shape well after extended use. The mattress has not fully expanded on both sides which means it doesn’t expand evenly.

Why we love it

Breathability is an important factor while choosing the mattress for your baby. The milliard dual comfort crib is the most breathable mattress. It helps your baby to breathe easily.

[4.2 / 5]


  • Waterproof cover
  • Most breathable mattress
  • 100 percent natural cotton


  • The cover is not machine washable

Milliard breathable crib mattress had a 100 percent natural cotton cover. This cover is very soft and cozy. This  breathing feature increases your baby’s comfort level.

The important feature of this mattress is dual-sided. You can use it as a crib mattress as well as a toddler mattress. It is ideal for both infants and toddlers.

It is perfectly constructed by quilted polyester and high-quality materials which ensures the safety of your baby. It provides support to your baby’s bone structure.

The Milliard is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria, mold, allergens, and dust mites. Its waterproof cover is washable and has an attractive pattern. It weighs only 11 pounds making for lightweight sheet changes.

The polyurethane foam core mattress comes with an air flow technology. It allows the maximum airflow to keep the temperature at night. It spread the air evenly without any hallow spot.

The notable feature of this mattress is fiberglass lining. It ensures fire safety and it is free from chemicals and toxins. So you don’t have to worry about your baby’s safety.

This mattress is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so it protects your baby from the bacteria, dust mites and allergies.

This foam mattress is very gentle to your baby’s body, it gives more comfortable sleep to them.

It has a square corner, so it easily fits on the crib. The corners are smooth and not sharp.

The weight of the milliard crib mattress is 8 pounds, it makes your lifting easier when you come to change the sheets and cleaning.

For a safe and comfy sleep to your baby, use this Milliard Crib Mattress. It helps to improve your baby’s breathing.

One of the foams in the construction is polyurethane which is highly flammable. The zipper is not high quality and it is unreliable. The cover does not appear to be as waterproof, leaks will go through the cover and saturate the foam.

Why we love it

The naturepedic organic cotton classic crib mattress is built by the heavy duty innerspring. It lasts for a long period of time. It is made of 100 percent organic cotton.

[4.0 / 5]


  • Built-in dust mite
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Square corner for safety


  • Little heavier

The waterproof cover of this mattress gives more comfortable, natural and healthy sleep to your baby. It gives a firmer side for infants and a soft side for toddlers.

You can easily clean this luxury organic cotton fabric cover which is made by the polyurethane. It is stain and water resistant. It prevents your baby from the dust mite and bed bugs. So you no need to worry about your baby’s skin problems.

The Naturepedic Classic Crib Mattress has only organic cotton as the filling. Cotton makes for a more breathable mattress filling, too. The No-Compromise has been tested for chemical emissions, has an allergy friendly design, bed bug/dust mite barrier, and has a 2-stage dual firmness.

The sealed design gives a more traditional look to the mattress. This hygienic design prevents your baby from the moisture. The tight strap reduces the thread breaking and unraveling.

The square corner of the naturepedic organic mattress gives a snug fit in the crib. It helps to prevent your baby’s leg from stuck between the frames. This is the cool aspect of this mattress.

This mattress is certified by the federal and state flammability standards for does not contain any fire retardant chemicals or flame retardant barriers.

The 100 percent organic mattress protects your baby from harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus.

It offers a seamless traditional rolled edge and it has a 150 metal inner springs to provide high comfort sleep to your baby.

You can easily flip this mattress when your infant transforms into the toddler stage.

At 20 pounds, this is not a lightweight mattress. That is mainly due to the quality of the coils.This is tied for the most expensive crib mattress that we will be looking at so it is very costly.

Why we love it

The babyletto pure core nontoxic mattress is made from the polyester core. This recycled polyester makes the mattress environmentally-friendly. This mattress contains only purest ingredients in it. It is a nontoxic mattress made form hypoallergenic materials and recycles polyester  core. It offers safe and healthy sleep for your baby. 

[3.8 / 5]


  • Non-toxic
  • Even air circulation
  • Prevent from overheating


  • Does not fit all standard size of the crib

This mattress does not contain the glues, dyes, chemical flame retardants, foam, and vinyl and off-gassing materials.

It offers dual-sided, the firm support for infants and the cushier comfort for toddlers.

This mattress offers 100 percent organic and food grade polyurethane cotton fabric, it ensures the safest and comfortable sleep to your baby.

This non-toxic mattress is made with hypoallergenic materials and a lightweight, fully recyclable polyester core. It’s double-sided, offering firm support for infants on one side and cushier comfort for toddlers on the other.

The cotton cover of this mattress is easily removable, so you can change it quickly during the night. This cover contains two layers that are the inner and outer layer. The inner layer comes with vinyl free and waterproof. The organic cotton outer layer comes with quilt patterns. This cover is machine washable. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning. It does not lose its shape after washing.

Babyletto has a square corner, which helps to fits the mini crib. And also had the smoothest edges that prevent your baby from bed bugs.

This mattress comes with a natural hypoallergenic technology that helps to protect dust mites. So you don’t have to worry about the allergy problems.

The babyletto pure core nontoxic mattress offers cozy sleep to your baby.

Since there is no heat regulating features in this mattress, the mattress retains heat longer than some other models that have this feature. The vinyl cover may crack causing a choking hazard for the baby if the vinyl breaks off.

Final Verdict

Parents love to provide safe environment to their babies. They will spend more time in their beds, so you must choose the mattress perfectly to your baby. Your baby’s growth depends on good sleep. These best mattresses provide good sleep for your baby. We’ve seen the best models of the baby crib mattress. Each mattress is unique in its way. 

Most of the crib mattress comes with the same features like Greengaurd Gold and certipur standards, quality corners, water, stain, and fire resistant. For a night of good sleep, you should buy the best crib mattress.

I hope that the above guide will help you to choose the perfect crib mattress to your baby without any confusion.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.

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