Best Baby Strollers for Newborn & Travel [10 Products]

Parents are protective of their children. If you’re a parent, you’ll surely agree. You can be meticulous in choosing  things for them. The market offers various products and you don’t know which side you’ll look at. Some products might look the same. Some presents similar capabilities from the advertisements and promotions that can be seen everywhere.

Best Overall Baby Stroller

(Mom Bonds #1 Choice)

  • Stylish aluminum frame
  • Anti-shock front wheel
  • Extra-large storage basket
  • Adjustable & removable canopy

Gain knowledge about a certain stroller by checking the product description. You better identify first for the important parts that a good stroller must have.

To avoid having regrets after buying a stroller, you have to mainly consider your baby’s needs. It will be the perfect basis so you won’t be dismayed with your purchase. Then you can avoid wasting money and time looking for another one. 

  Here are the top 10 popular strollers. Check each one of them so you can pick the right choice that’s compatible with your baby’s need and your lifestyle as well.

How MOMBONDS Chose the Best Baby Stroller Products
How to Choose a Best Baby Stroller

Best Baby Strollers - 10 Strollers Reviewed

This stroller is great for an errand and short trip. It’s on the first spot and the most popular as this is designed to be the daily companion of your baby. It’s super light so it’s convenient to take it in a quick visit to the supermarket or somewhere around town. 

  This weighs 7.28 pounds and its measurements are 40.5 x 10.2 x 8.5 inches. It’s lightweight but it can carry 50 pounds and that’s more than five times of its weight. It has carry-strap and auto lock that makes it possible to be carried around when you’re at the airport or subway. It’s incredibly light but can stay with your family for a long time.

[5 / 5]


  • Easy fold and carry on
  • Full reclining seat
  • Underneath storages


  • Hard at rough terrains

Setting and closing this just takes three basic steps. The first step is lifting the rear handle. Pushing the lever on the bottom comes next. And the last step is folding it down and you’re ready to go. They’re so basic that you can even do these steps with closed eyes. 

This stroller has all the good qualities that guarantee you the safety of your baby. It’s designed to have anti-shock front wheels and rear wheels are lockable. The front wheels can handle uneven surfaces when you lock it up.

  When the sunlight isn’t too harsh for your baby’s skin,  you can just remove the canopy. You can just flip out the visor when it gets too hot. It’s capable of blocking the sun rays that can harm delicate skin. 

I would say this stroller is most comfortable for a child up to 2.5 – 3 years. It is super light and easy to fold and had a large storage basket for all your little knickknacks.

Your baby can settle in the stroller with much needed comfort as it’s spacious with additional padding. The seat is reversible so you can switch it around if you want to face your child. With its five-point harness, it can still be easily laid flat for some necessary instances like changing diapers or napping. You may want to get this stroller if you have an infant.

When choosing a stroller, storage is another thing to be considered. The main storage is spacious that it can accommodate 10 pounds of daily necessities like diaper bag.

Canopy doesn’t give much shade from the sun, small sunshade doesn’t really cover the baby, the basket is hard to access when the seat is reclined.

This is the smallest possible stroller you can ever find in the market. No wonder that it got a lot of attention and people love things that don’t take up space. It only weighs 9.5 lbs. The design is a 2x2D fold mechanism and it can be compressed into the size of a handbag. But the entire measurement is within 11.8 x 7 x 13.8 inches. 

  This is the stroller for both everyday and travel use. You can easily maneuver this along familiar roads and paths. When traveling, we always want to make our luggage compact so its size won’t get in the way. This buggy is absolutely prepared for trips. There are available adapters that would match the frame of the car seat.

[4.9 / 5]


  • Suits small car also
  • Removable seat fabric
  • One hand drive


  • Small wheels for flat terrains

You can move this by only using a single hand. There’s no need of using hands when you push and steer this. It can be opened and closed in quick strokes too.

   The swivel 360 degrees front wheels make this stroller quick and nimble. On the other hand, it’s difficult to handle this in an uneven ground as there’s no shock-absorption. There’s a brake on the right rear wheels. It’s small and it’s difficult to step on it.  It’s fine to use this when you’re sure that you won’t go through rough road.

  It doesn’t have the real canopy. It only covers the baby’s head. The limited shade offers UPF50+ for sun protection. 

This stroller can accept children starting from the age of six months who has already learned holding his head up. This is fine for older kids as the backrest is long enough and you can adjust the length of the torso.

Keep in mind that the new model – GB Pockit Plus features reclining seat and bigger, rounded canopy that provides better shade from the sun. GB Pockit Plus is already on the market and you can check its price as well as colors.

The seat doesn’t provide much space. It can’t be reclined so it stays in an upright position but not totally 90 degrees. Since this can be your travel stroller, your toddler may stay awake for sightseeing.

You have to take a bag with you when you use this stroller. The storage under the seat is not that big to hold many things. We all know that babies’ needs are consists of many things.

Some functions won’t meet expectations but its size is essential when you want to save  space. That’s why it’s also called travel stroller as this would fit the plane trunk or overhead bin of the train.

It’s so light that for really difficult terrain you might be better off having your child walk than struggle with the roads. The price is also a little high for some consumers.

his is popular among  parents as most of them hustle with time. With this one-second and one-hand stroller, saving time means a lot to them. There’s more to this as this is also a jogger type stroller so you can take a walk or jog with your baby outside. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

Since this only needs a single second and one hand, you can manage to do things at the same time. The other hand can attend to other things like checking on your baby or making sure things are in proper place. It’s quite accessible with its peek-a-boo window.

[4.9 / 5]


  • Kickstand to keep fold
  • Well maneuvers
  • One hand folding


  • Bulky wheels

Like any jogger stroller, it has air-filled three rubber tires. It has front swivel wheel with suspension so you can interchange jogging and strolling at any moment. This also promises a smooth ride in all kinds of terrain. 

You can recline the stroller in any position that suits the needed comfort of an infant or an older child that weighs up to 50 pounds. It has 5-point convertible harness. Reflectors are added on its features for low visibility. 

Another thing that you would love about this stroller is the storage. It has  two trays for the baby and the parent. There’s a cup holder pivot on the baby’s tray for no hassle stroller entry. The parent’s tray consists of two cup holders and storage. There’s another huge storage basket that would take care of other necessary things when you’re out.

The main feature of the system is the easily foldable seat. All you have to do is pull on the handle strap near the create of the seat and the stroller will do the rest of it.

The best feature of this stroller is that it can connect with SnugRide Click Connect 30 infant car. The click technology doesn’t give you much complication when you transfer your baby inside your car. Therefore, you can take your little one whenever you feel like going on an adventure. 

This stroller is all about convenience as it would help every parent to save time from a busy life.

The canopy doesn’t stay open when fully extended to furthest setting, it falls back when jogging, going over bumps or on windy days. It is bulky with wheels.

The popular name garnered its fame. Disney brings magic and bewilderment for both youngsters and adults. These are the main reasons why it’s appealing to the public. 

This is lightweight 8-pound umbrella stroller that has the capacity of 40 pounds load. Its is fold type and compact and can be carried with ease.

[4.8 / 5]


  • Kids loving design
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Swivel front wheels


  • No additional back support

This is mainly designed for travel. It meets ASTM standards for safety. Though this is its major role but it can be actually everywhere. You can put your child in it when you’re in the nursery, living room and in other places.

Its cute style will bring positive vibes to you and your child when you spend time together. Umbrella stroller is always great outdoors. It covers your baby as it is. 

Its three-point safety harness is capable of securing a child that weighs up to 40 pounds. It’s important that your baby is in secure fit to avoid from falling or bumping his head.

It really does it job in protecting the baby from the sun when you’re out for a walk. It’s important that the child feels cool to avoid discomfort.  This function clearly implies that it’s suitable for fine weather.

It’s easy to carry, tote, and push also Disney features a three-point harness, covered handlebars, and a sun-shade. It’s also easy to maneuver around places like markets, zoo etc.

This is made not only for the child’s comfort but as well as the parents’. It’s also lightweight with comfortable handles. It’s expected to have a long walk on trips. Your hands won’t feel any strain even pushing the stroller for a long time. 

In considering long walks, this stroller can be adjusted to the parents’ height. In order not to stoop for a long time. Having a backache is not what you wanted when you’re on a trip.

The seats are not adjustable and it doesn’t recline. So I would say that this maynot be the great option for infants and there is no additional back support for the child.

This stroller is best for those who reside in urban areas. Its features can go well with the lifestyle of city dwellers. This is definitely user friendly with few clicks.

It’s super lightweight in 2.53 pound but it’s quite invincible to bear the weight of 25 pounds. It’s one-hand fold and not too bulky to store considering its weight.

[4.7 / 5]


  • Locking front wheels
  • Back storage pocket
  • Rounded handlebar


  • Underseat storage basket is on the smaller side

It’s assembled with three wheels in order to maneuver it easily. As a jogger stroller, it can stand daily use in any kind of terrain. The EVA wheels which are puncture-proof along with the front suspension system makes it move smoothly in any rough surfaces. Another great thing is that it is nearly compatible with almost all types of infant car seat.

 It can also be your travel companion as you can attach it in a car seat by using an adapter. It matches any kinds of car seat so it’s a great travel system. If you frequently take a walk or like going on a trip, this will be the suitable stroller for you. It can be folded quickly because of the brackets attached on it. 

It has an auto lock to secure your child in place. Your child’s safety is still assured despite the absence of belt as the seat remains stable. It can also accommodate older siblings. You can attach a glider board so the older ones can take a seat when they get tired.

The Baby Jogger City Mini stands high for weight and folded size. Its three-wheel design makes it easy to maneuver through tight spots, and the puncture-proof EVA wheels and front suspension system provide a smooth ride over uneven sidewalks.

A peek-a-boo feature is available so you can keep an eye on your little one. Its canopy has UV +50 to protect the skin from harmful rays of the sun. It can also recline to nearly flat-like bed when your baby needs a nap. 

This stroller can be considered affordable out of all the benefits you can get from it. It’s constructed in an umbrella stroller but has the capacity of the full sized one. The price starts around $260. You can get the most out of your money.

All accessories sold separately, including car seat adapter and parent console. This City Mini Stroller is little harder to use than other strollers but it still gets an impressive score among parents.

This stroller fulfills the need of those who have twins or those who have more than one little ones. Instead of pushing a single stroller, why not go for one that can hold two of your cuties?

The highlight of its features is the MP3 player connection. It’s great that it works with most of the MP3s. You can play music while strolling or even just peacefully chilling at home. It’s good to entertain little dudes in this way as it contributes to their growth.

[4.5 / 5]


  • Padded handlebar
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Easy to wash


  • Storage bin has less storage

Since this is for two passengers, it is unsurprisingly wide. So just avoid narrow passages. You would also struggle to turn especially if the space is not enough for you to move  in both sides. You won’t like lifting this with your bare hands with its total weight of 43 pounds.

Although it shows that there’s a disadvantage in the size, it proves its strength in its maneuverability.  Just flip the switch to lock the front wheels for a smooth ride. It won’t give you a hard time pushing this in rough surfaces with its pneumatic bike tires and front swivel wheels that can be locked. 

It requires two hands to fold it and can be done in three steps. Folding this stroller is a piece of cake but contrary to the process of unfolding it. It can stand on its own and you have to lock it manually. The seat is able to recline in multiple positions.

This unique four wheeled jogger has a budget-friendly price and is easy to maneuver, its front swivel wheels can be locked for long distance travel. Holds up to two infant car seats.

Aside from being affordable, other benefit is that your children will still be in comfort in its padded seat and sling style seat. It has padded leg rest. It has a wide footrest that is made of plastic. With the mention of plastic, other parts made of this material like buckles are stiff and you have to put much effort in pressing it.  

When it comes to protection, each seat has its canopy that can hide the child away from the sun or wind. The peek-a-boo window goes with loop cover. But the canopy is not wide enough to expand its coverage. It can only cover until the knees. 

This stroller has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to various functions. But still, you can say it has a double purpose as it can take two children at a time. It’s not recommended to use this for infants aged 7 months and below.

Stroller may not fit in the cargo compartments/trunks of most sedans/compact cars even when folded. Pneumatic tires have to be refilled regularly during the change of seasons.

When visiting Disneyland, this can be the stroller that would surely fit the atmosphere. The great part is that there are different characters to choose from. You can pick your favorite or the one that suits your baby’s personality. This will go well with the magical atmosphere of the theme park.

This stroller is not only good because of the design. The material is absolutely nice even though it won’t cost you much. You can also count on its durability.

[4.3 / 5]


  • Lightweight stroller
  • Easy to fold and open
  • Fold-able sun canopy


  • Better suits only for indoors

It’s portable so it’s not bothersome to take it on a day trip. Its 7.4 pounds weight will not burden you of heavy luggage. It can fit in the trunk of your car or even in public transport when you fold it. It can characterized a laid back equipment and it can make your day in the same way. 

Since the seat doesn’t recline and even though it has three-point harness can be adjusted to secure your baby’s position, it’s not suited for infants. They prefer soft surface where they can lie down and sleep. It’s not safe enough as some infant’s head tilt or much worse, it will droop and bump into something.

Disney Stroller keeps the kid covered and safe from the sun also it is easy to use which is an another attractive feature about this equipment. The lightness of the stroller stands best here.

The handles are padded. This brings comfort for parents and it’s not that high. This will be no problem for those who are below 6 feet. This doesn’t need to be folded. You don’t need to stoop down just to do it. 

This stroller is best used when the baby doesn’t need to take a nap. It’s solely for sightseeing purpose as it can’t be reclined. It means this has to be utilized when going out on a fine day. Its covering works as a shield from the sun.

The stroller may not work as smoothly on rough surfaces as it would on the smoother ones. Can be uncomfortable for taller people as they’ll have to hunch forward and push at the same time.

Parents tremendously care about their babies. There’s no wonder this stroller is made in guidelines of safety measure. This is an amazing hybrid stroller. It’s two in one and  was given another name as the car seat stroller. The whole package includes car seat, infant insert and head support, latch base and vehicle seat supporter. 

As mentioned that it is concerned with safety, it works as a precaution too. The materials used in this stroller can absorb impact that can hurt your baby. It’s undeniably suitable for infants as its design is partly derived from a cradle. This is also the only car seat with wheels so taking out your child will be done in a flash.

[4.7 / 5]


  • 2 in 1 (Stroller & Seat)
  • Easily convertible
  • Compact size


  • Not great for taller people

This stroller is a subject of modern creation as all you need to do is to click a button in opening and closing it. It’s sleek and there are many details on it that would guide you. There are stickers that indicate whether your baby is in the right position. The latch base is firmly locked when the green button shows up. When removing it from the car seat, all you need to do is to push a button.

Another interesting fact about this stroller is that the handle can be used in four ways. First, it can stood like a handle of standing suitcase. Secondly, it’s easy to take your child in and out of the stroller when you push the handle back. This position is adjacent to a restaurant’s table. You can use this chair for infants who can’t use the high chair.

The Doona is a simple way for parents to transport baby from apartment to carto on the town strolling. Its unique feature combines a car seat and stroller into one form factor.

In the third place is the third position setting which is when it’s in its fullest length. This is applicable for older children. The last one is having it fully extended. It needs to be done for tall parents so they can be comfortable when pushing this.

This stroller can be everywhere. From the comfort of your home to the busy streets of your city, restaurant, hospital or airport, it’s easy to switch this from a stroller to a car seat. You only need to purchase some storage for you to put your necessities while the storage is on its course.

There is no undercarriage basket for storing items, one of the major downsides to this innovative design is that it has a limited lifespan for your child, so you’ll have to get something else for when they outgrow the seat.

The appearance of this stroller is sporty. It comes in two pieces : the stroller itself and the car seat. Busy families should get this travel system as it can save time and money. There’s no need to worry yourself to pick the right one that can be attached to your car seat. It’s alright to leave it in your car so you don’t have to spend time connecting and removing it.

A newborn or an older child can fit in this travel system. The stroller is one-handed fold. It can be reclined in multiple angles. It has three wheels and the front wheel is a swivel type. It makes it possible to move quickly in a winding road and even in crowded places. 

[4.6 / 5]


  • For preemies & small babies
  • Met FAA regulations
  • Toe-tap brakes


  • Hard to install without base

It has toe-tap rear brakes so you can park the stroller with the assurance that it won’t move on its own. It can’t be locked in place after folding. Anyway, it won’t be much trouble as you can pause a bit to give enough attention to put it aside.

The canopy can completely cover the baby. The lap and shoulder straps are separated. This can be tricky so it would be hard to tell if the baby is strapped securely or not. The parent should make sure of its fitness before heading outside to avoid accidents. 

In the side of the car seat, its safety rating is excellent. Tests were done and it exceeds the federal safety standards. It is made of materials that are capable of protecting someone from head injury. The seat is made of thick foam that can absorb energy in case your baby shakes a bit inside the stroller.

 It is also recommended by nurses. It has removable pillow support for newborns. The seat pad is removable and should be machine washed for hygienic reasons. It has a spring in it that ensures the exact fit and angle. Furthermore, you can easily pull the latch to have a secure fit.

Chico Viaro Travel System comes with light and portable stroller and it has one of the best infant car seats. Car seat easily moves from car to stroller, it clicks securely.

It’s easy to install the car seat. The red line on the label shows you on how to put on the seat belt in the right angle. This indication will not allow you to make mistakes. 

The cloth on the seat doesn’t breathe well and can cause sweating. You can let your baby wear clothes that are not so thick. It’s for their comfort and in order for the materials to stay clean as possible.

 The handles can’t be adjusted for the sake of tall parents. They can try to manage not to crouch. Peek-a-boo window is another missing feature. 

The downside of this stroller is its portability when being taken outside. It’s a bit bulky and there’s a tendency that it gets stuck in a narrow passage. The size is not really a big deal if you get numerous advantages from its design.

Small wheels, no suspension – stroller is not good even for slightly uneven terrain, it wobbles on bumps. Also it is wide in the back so your child may feel uncomfortable while sitting on the seat.

Doing two things at the same time is not bad at all. You can take your baby outside and jog at the same time. This stroller is the thing for these two activities as how it is obviously stated on its name. 

It is geared up with air filled tires so it’s not just your typical stroller. There’s no doubt on its stability. It’s agile in different types of terrain. This can definitely go well on rough roads, mud, sand and grass without interrupting a sleeping baby. You can pump the tires the way you have it on your bike.

[4.5 / 5]


  • Swivel front wheel
  • Pumped tires
  • Compatible to many car seats


  • Large and bulky

It also copied other feature of a bicycle which is the brake. It has handbrake that allows you to control the speed. The second one is the parking brake. If you want to rest or stop when you get home, you only need to step on it.

There’s safety wrist strap for extra precaution. It would keep the stroller tied to you all the time. The handle bar can be adjusted for the needs of various heights of the one who handles the stroller. The suspension system is also adjustable and it can be stretched based on the weight of the passenger. This feature frees the ride from shock or bumps that can bring discomfort to your baby. 

For another safety measure this stroller can bring, it has five-point harness. The straps are thick and pads are nice. This is to put the baby in the right position while on the move. The seat can possibly be in multiple positions.

BOB Revolution stroller has a comfy seat with deep recline, excellent suspension that absorbs shocks and large wheels that handle the most rough terrain and huge extendable canopy.

Its canopy is extendable so it’s efficient in various weather. A rainfall might surprise while jogging. You don’t need to stop to cover your child. You only have to run for cover or head home as fast as you can.  

There’s a large storage found under the seat. You can put some stuff that you and your baby need especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. It has two mesh pockets too for smaller things.

This stroller is not only for jogging but can be taken inside your car. You can quickly attach it with the car seat using the correct adapter. It’s the time that you prefer to go out of town for other outdoor activities aside jogging. Then, you’ll not only be taking your car but this stroller too.

There is no handbrake – so the stroller is not suitable for running on hilly terrain, handlebar is not adjustable also it’s not very comfortable for tall parents.

What is a good stroller?

A parent considers a certain stroller good while the other might not be fully satisfied by it. Due to the reason that strollers are used for infants and toddlers. Different ages calls for different needs. 

Parents can agree in one thing for sure. It’s thinking about their children’s sake. So safety and comfort are given importance by parents who are going to buy a stroller. In this case, you may want to check parts like harness, canopy, position and materials of the stroller.

If you have an infant, go for a stroller with a seat that doesn’t only have nice material for nap time but something that can support the child’s back. The harness should be able to hold the baby in place. Small ones can’t hold their heads up so they might fall from the stroller. 

A parent thinks that the safety of their children is controlled by them. The control is not only with the handles as well. It’s important that a stroller has a brake so it won’t move by itself. Some strollers have wristband so you can get an easy grip.

Being the one who will handle the stroller, there are other factors that you may value. You may want to know the flexibility of the handle and the maneuverability of wheels. Most strollers nowadays have swivel wheels for a swift movement. The size of the stroller can be a challenge in terms of making a turn. It’s the consequence when a stroller is bulky.

It’s also beneficial if the handle can be adjusted. You can avoid slouching or  other kinds of discomfort. Some strollers apply some bicycle’s features. They have air-filled tires that can go to different terrains and definitely can last the outdoor setting. If you’re into healthy lifestyle and you’re one busy fellow, this will give you a chance to jog outside while together with your child. 

Of course, a good stroller should be lightweight and compact. Being portable is a bonus. Finding a user friendly stroller that provides your baby’s needs would keep your mind at peace whenever you go out with your child.


As a mother or parent, you should ensure the safety and comfort of your babies when you are going outdoors. Baby strollers are very kind parenting device that any baby can have. Each and every baby stroller products available in the market some special or added feature than others. 

Nowadays, the baby strollers are accepted by most of the airports so you can have your baby with you in any travel. The baby strollers like Cursum strollers allows the mobility disabled parents to connect the wheelchair with stroller and overcome their challenges.

I hope you have got some ideas to grab the perfect baby strollers for your children. If you have any suggestions and ideas about using the stroller, let us know it in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.

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