10 Best Bottle Warmers for Babies [Formula & Breast Milk]

Oftentimes, you might have come across mothers claiming their babies refusing to drink bottled milk. As a mother, you might have experienced this too. A baby nursing breast milk will often refuse bottled milk. The reason is breast milk is in body temperature while the bottled milk you give them may be cooler than the breast milk.

Best Overall Bottle Warmer

(Mom Bonds #1 Choice)

  • Unique design
  • Safe warming of the milk
  • Patent Safe Heat Technology
  • Great quality

But that doesn’t mean you can heat the bottled breast milk or milk formula using a microwave or gas. 

They usually cause a scalding problem in your babies mouth as the heat can create hot spots in the milk.

That’s when you’ll need a bottle warmer. Even though there is no harm in providing fresh cold milk, if your baby refuses to drink it, then there is no other option for you other than buying a bottle warmer.

Can you adjust without a bottle warmer?

Yes, you may adjust without buying a bottle warmer. You can heat it by placing it within a bowl of warm water or even feed the frozen breast after it thaws in the fridge overnight.

But having a bottle warmer is convenient and even alerts you when the milk is ready to serve. 

If you are convinced to buy a bottle warmer which one is it? There are 100’s of models in the market.

To help you solve this dilemma, we have researched all the available models and found the best 10 baby bottle warmers of 2019. 

We then ranked them based on the feedback we received from 1000’s of mothers.


Table: Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Warmers

How MOMBONDS Chose Best Bottle Warmer Products

Best Bottle Warmers - 10 Warmers Reviewed

[5 / 5]


  • Warms up fast
  • Automatic shut off
  • Fits all type of container


  • Not designed as portable

Why do we recommend it?

With this warmer, you can experience easy and safe warming of the milk and feed to your baby. It is easy to maintain because the large reservoir is installed. This bottle warmer would create a flowing of hot water to rapidly and gently defrost/heat breast milk.


Weight: 1.85lb

Dimensions: 8” x8” x6”

How does it work?

With this warmer, you can determine how hot you want the bottle by setting the timeline using a timeline. The Kiinde Kozii warmer uses a low-temperature water bath to warm bottles, it doesn’t use steam.

Another advantage of using low heat is, it quickly and consistently heat the bottle which avoids hot spots that might burn your baby’s mouth.

An innovative feature of thee kozii is an internal convection pump that sends water out of resevoir to flow around the container.


  • The auto shut off features helps to turn off the warmer after the bottle has heated
  • This Kiinde Kozii baby bottle warm can work with all types of materials like plastic, glass, metal, and even in plastic storage bags.
  • Implementation of Patent Safe Heat technology is the main factor which helps to warm milk quickly with low temperature. This water bath technique is highly safe for breast milk because it has a timer to avoid the risk of overheating.
  • It is extremely safe to use around the house as it is made of high-quality materials so the warmer can last even in your child’s toddler days.

Unique bottle warmer

This bottle warmer is unique when compared to other products on the list because it uses a different filling and heating technique. How to use? For this system, you just fill up a reservoir underneath the warming pot, and then switch it on, the water level rises up to surround the bottle.


It’s versatile enough that you can easily pop in frozen breast milk storage bags straight from the freezer; also it is great for moms who pump and store their milk.

It is slower than steam based warmers, might take two cycles to warm frozen breast milk.

[4.9 / 5]


  • LCD control panel
  • Automatic shut off after 10min
  • One-button start function


  • Hard to clean

Why do we recommend it?

This Baby bottle warmer from Dr. Brown instantly heats up baby bottles as well as food jars. Also, I like its one-touch feature which exactly provides what you need when your baby starts crying for the next bottle.


Weight: 2lb

Dimensions: 5.5” x 7.9” x 9.6”

How quick does it work?

To warm a normal 5ounce bottle brown will take around 3 minutes, for frozen milk the heating time may extend up to 6 minutes. An 8-9 oz bottle may take 5 minutes. Milk will take extra time to heat than your breast milk.

Dr.Brown’s has a simple digital display with the timer, And most importantly: it saves the last time you used! No need to fine tune a knob frequently.


  • It can warm bottles with just one single filling of the reservoir
  • The bottle warmer would automatically shut off its operation after a while
  •   The programmable LCD panel presents an intuitive keypad along with a one start button function
  • There is an audio and visual alert mechanism which allows you to know the moment when the warming cycle is over.
  • The bottle warmer is quite convenient to use so you just set it then the bottle will perform the task for you.

Uses of an LCD screen

You can make use of the LCD screen to set the optimal temperature for the breast milk, and the warmer releases the steam instantly and evenly heat the bottle. It’s enough to refill the bottle once a day because the warmer has a water capacity to steam several bottles before refilling.

Unique feature

Dr. Brown’s warmer has a memory feature that instantly recalls your baby’s preferred temperature. There is an alarm to alert you when the bottle is up to the temperature; it’s an efficient and effective bottle warmer that’s why it ranks #2 in our list. It can warm both standard and wide neck bottles, as well as baby food jars.

It is not compatible with wide mouth bottles. It is a steam warmer which rises to dangerous temperatures so it should not be used with glass bottles.

[4.8 / 5]


  • User-friendly for car
  • No need of electricity
  • BPA and Phthalate free


  • Leakage problem after months

Why do we recommend it?

Our pick for the best travel bottle warmer is the Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer.  Here’s a thermo design that can be perfectly adjusted also this is the best portable unit you can find on the market. Tommee can warm up bottles, bags, food jars so you must have it if you travel with a child.


It is specially designed for ‘Close to Nature’ bottle so that it should fit most of your bottles and food jars.


Dimensions: 3.9” x 3.9” x 7.7”

Type: Portable warmer

How quick does it work?

What makes thermos to stand high among other products? A thermos can keep the water warm for a long time so you can warm up a bottle of fewer than 5 minutes. Even for four hours away from home the steam will remain the same. This quality gives an additional focus on this product.

The Tommee Tippee model is free of BPA and phthalates also it’s a good choice for parents who want to save money on the Tommee Tippee brand.


  • No electricity required, so you can smoothly carry hot water within the thermos and the container wherever you go for outdoors.
  • Due to its compact design, you can easily fit the thermos into the bag to use while you’re traveling.
  • You no need to look for an outside warming source because of this portable bottle warmer stores hot water in order to manage when you are away.
  • It connects to breast pumps so that you can articulate directly into the bottles to simplify the process.


I like its thermos design because there are no smaller parts so obviously it’s easy to clean. As the best rated warmer in our list, this travel bottle warmer holds #3 place, because of its excellent design. The hot water is poured from the thermal bottle into the container so you can place your bottle into it for heating. Since you heat the water yourself, you can easily control the amount of heat preferred.

customer review

It takes quite a long time to warm the bottle, especially if it is frozen. There is no timer on the warmer to signify how much longer is left on the warmer.

[4.7 / 5]


  • basket to sterilize pacifiers
  • Allow different bottle sizes
  • Automatic shut off


  • Low number of settings

Why do we recommend it?

The major benefit of this bottle warmer is it can warm your bottle within minutes, and can also use the heated water to sterilize pacifiers. This product can be used for almost any baby related containers such as jars, several bottles, etc.


Weight: 1.43lb

Dimension: 8” x 5”x 5”

Type: Steam based warmer

How quick does it work?

This is the best compact unit with quite a few features. First, you fill the amount of water for warming up, with a single press of a button the machine starts to heat. It can randomly take 2-5 minutes depending on whether you need to heat the frozen, room temperature, or thawed items.

The warmer works quickly, with a separate measuring tube just to make the process even faster. Also it shuts off automatically after the warming cycle.


  • The compact size of the warmer allows you to fit anywhere even on your kitchen shelf. It works with different kinds of bottles like narrow-mouthed, wide-mouthed, angled bottles or even disposable bottles.
  • Auto shut-off feature is included for extra safety, if the light is not active then it alerts you that warming is over.
  • This bottle warmer is free from lead, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals
  • An inner basket with a handle allows you to keep some food jars to warm toddler food.

Ease of use

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is quick and easy to use, just plug in the unit, add required water, put the bottle or jar into the unit and then switch it on. Within a minute your food or milk will be ready at the correct temperature.

Heat Settings

This is a simple, no frills warmer. It doesn’t have defrost mode or multiple heat settings. But, for a budget warmer, this one can’t be beaten. It requires some effort and time to coordinate water amount with your need, the one-touch button and auto shut off features are handy.

The steam tend to heat the bottles unevenly, so don’t use it with glass bottles. Its temperature and time cannot be customized.

[4.7 / 5]


  • Compatible with wider bottles
  • Quick warming
  • Multiple warming settings


  • No progress indicator visual alert

Why do we recommend it?

The Philips AVENT Bottle warmer is one of the most sophisticated versions of bottle warmers, especially for home use. This warmer features integrated sensor which can easily track milk temperature and automatically turn the system off once the milk has heated.


Weight: 1lb

Dimension: 7.3 x 7 x 6.4

Type: Hot water based warmer

How quick does it work?

This bottle warmer can heat a 3-5oz bottle in 10 minutes and continues to keep the bottle at a constant temperature for 20 minutes. For safety, the device shuts off automatically after 20 minutes.

To operate, simply plug the warmer in, add the bottle and water, and select your preferred temperature. An indicator light is just to alert you if the heating is over. Always test the internal temperature of the milk before giving to babies.

This is one of the fastest bottle warmer options out there, it works very efficiently and warms 4 ounces in just 3 minutes. It’s an universal bottle warmer that fits almost any bottle.


  • One of the great features of Philips bottle warmer is, it smoothly circulates water around the inner chamber so the bottle gets warm uniformly.
  • It takes just five minutes to warm 5 ounces of milk.
  • There is a defrost button which allows defrosting milk or other solid foods, so with this feature, you can use it to heat even frozen breast milk.
  • It supports toddler cups, bottles, baby food jars of most brands, and it is capable of heating a bottle with a maximum capacity of 11oz.


The Philips AVENT Fast is a water bath warmer that is a little slow. This unit has a basic design that is easy to use and clean with a chamber that fits bottles of most sizes. The Philips Avent Bottle warmer is your best bet for a high-quality, affordable bottle warmer.


It also comes with a different defrosting setting and is relatively more thorough at heating frozen milk than other models. Plus it’ll work on most sizes and shapes of the bottle. Just add water and turn the dial.

The warmer will not automatically shut off, which may overheat your bottle, if you do not remove it immediately. Also there is no basket for food jars and smaller bottles.

[4.6 / 5]


  • Fastest warmer
  • Suits most bottles and jars
  • Specially designed for car travel


  • Difficult to use at home

Why do we recommend it?

The key feature of this bottle warmer is the speed, the Munchkin’s bottle warmer warms up quick because it is designed to keep the heat inside and around the bottle instead of it escaping. Comes with a little lift out basket.


It requires power from a wall outlet to work so it can fit most bottles.

Weight: 1.4 lb

Dimension: 5.5” x 6” x 6.5”

Type: Steam based warmer

How quick does it work?

The High-speed bottle warmer can warm a bottle within 90 seconds. It comes with on/off indicator to prevent the bottle from overheating, there is an implementation of auto shut-off technology for the same. Its adapter ring helps warm smaller bottles or jars of baby food. Unlike many bottles, this one uses hot steam to warm milk so you just need to add the right amount of water using the attached cup.

Safe for both breast milk and baby formula- no matter even if your milk source is from the fridge, it is highly safe to use it for such purpose.


  • The bottle warmer make sure there is no loss of nutrients
  • For travel trips, this special bottle warmer would present rapid and efficient warming. It is capable to heat milk and food uniformly and rapidly.
  • There is an inner basket that allows you to remove the bottle out without having to hold the bottle.
  • An alarm sounds when the bottle is warm enough, this is done with the help of auto shut-off feature as it turns off the warmer after use.

Unique Feature/Application

One of the interesting features is that there is constant heat applied to the milk or food, which means it is warmed uniformly,  keeping all the vitamins and nutrients firmly inside. You can warm up smaller containers more effectively by using the adapter ring. The lifting basket ensures you don’t burn when taking the bottle out.

There is no precise way to know the temperature of your baby bottle, hence it is not exact, but you can still warm it, but more on a trial and error basis.

[4.5 / 5]


  • Heats two 2 bottles simultaneously
  • 4-in-1 multifunctional design
  • Smart thermostat


  • Doesn’t run on batteries

Why do we recommend it?

With a 4-in-1multifunctional design, this bottle warmer simplify your life especially when you’re traveling. The smart thermostat includes an automatic heat preservation mode which keeps the water at perfect temperature. You can warm two bottles at a time so it’s ready for the next feed.


Weight: 1.65lb

Dimensions: 8.1” x 6.8” x 5.7”

Type: Steam and hot water based warmer

How quick does it work?

It’s not much faster in the list but it can warm up milk in less than five minutes. This bottle warmer comes with a double-bottle design and has a reversible lid so that you can fit bottles of various heights. In addition, there’s the LED display that reveals real-time temperature so that you’re always aware of how warm it is.

The fast warming features of this bottle warmer heats the milk under 4 minutes also there is an auto power feature along with a skid-resistant base.


  • This warmer has several functions like warming, sterilizing, as well as food heating. Just make use of these features one after the other.
  • It evenly warms two bottles at a time, if it is done the device goes into a thermostat mode to maintain the temperature of a bottle.
  • If you need warmer to be ready at any time then just pour water into the warmer and maintain in at the desired temperature.
  • There is a digital display which gives an accurate real-time indication of the temperature. A simple knob allows changing the temperature to anywhere between 98 degrees Fahrenheit and 194 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This bottle warmer fits majority o the bottle size and brands.

Safe to use

For those looking out for safety measures, there are two main features that stand out. One of the simple but effective features is that the warmer is made with a skid-proof base to help keep it in place. Secondly, there is an auto-off mechanism. It stops if the warmer and sterilizer run out of the water, or once the temperature has reached 100ºC or 212ºF.

The warmer has a tendency of being inconsistent in its heating, also the lid of the warmer makes it difficult to retrieve your bottle.

[4.4 / 5]


  • Fast warming
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Compact with less counter space


  • Can’t heat up the glass

Why do we recommend it?

Now you no need to get confused about how to feed your baby with the heated milk, just use this green colored best bottle warmer from Boon orb, as it effectively heats the bottles as well as baby food. The device is well-designed to consume as little counter space as possible yet retain functionality and reliability.


Weight: 1.4 lb

Dimension: 5.5”x 5.5” x 5.5”

Type: Steam based warmer

How quick does it work?

To heat up milk within a room temperature it can take as short as 90 seconds, in case if you use frozen items then it may take 4-5 minutes. This warmer is extremely easy to use. The only thing you need to know is how much water to use.

It’s a steam warmer that can be used for both bottles and food jars with a simple one-click action. The Boon Orb is one of the most uniquely shaped bottle warmer.


  • This bottle warmer includes a warming chamber that is capable to fit various kinds of bottles. Even a container of food jars can also be included.
  • Its warming chamber is capable of fitting standard, diagonal, open neck, disposable, as well as silicone bottles.
  • The warmer is designed with compactly with a non-skid base. The mouth of the warmer is large enough to accommodate multiple feeding bottles.
  • The auto-off feature automatically switches off once the milk is warm.
  • You can get a basket with a handle, where you can place small cups, baby food jars to heat them before serving food to the baby.

Steam bottle warmer

The Boon Orb is a steam bottle warmer which has multiple parts with small footprints. This unit has a capacity to overheat bottles and the setup time seriously hurts how quickly you can prepare and heat a bottle for little ones.

One of the greatest benefits for moms is this warmer is easy to clean with several dishwasher friendly parts and a single chamber where all the parts are reachable.

Glass bottles should not be used in this warmer. There is no audible sound when the bottle finish warming, it increases the chance of overheating.

[4.5 / 5]


  • Remote starting
  • Compatible with most size & shape
  • Automatic shut off


  • Need refill of reservoir often

Why do we recommend it?

It’s easy to warm a bottle without losing the comfort of your bed! With a simple, single-touch remote, our sleep-friendly solution may allow you sleep even in the middle of the night feedings. Just put a bottle in the unit before you go to bed, and the included ice packs will keep it cool for up to 8 hours. Set the length of time you want the bottle to warm and then to drift off to sleep.


Weight: 3.66lbs

Dimension: 5” x11.9” x 12.6”

Type: Hot water based warmer

How quick does it work?

The heating time is quicker than traditional warmers as it traps the steam inside and directly around the bottle. So, when your baby’s ready for next the feed, a simple push on the remote’s button starts the warming cycle. Just enjoy a little extra sleep time as the bottle warms!

The complete feeding system of this warmer allows everything you need all in one place. The warmer automatically shuts off when the cycle is finished.


  • You can easily program the warmer to heat the bottle at the desired time. The device chills the milk and warms it with just a press of a button.
  • Once you’ve set the time, keep the single button remote within your hands. Whenever you need to warm up, press the button.
  • Two bottles can be filled with water at a time and can be placed inside the freezer. Make use of these containers as ice packs by inserting them into a bottle warmer.
  • The ice packs keep milk chill and cool for about eight hours.

Multiple Uses

This warmer can be used for both bottles and baby food jars. Once you’ve found the perfect water level then you’ll get reliable warming results every time. Keep note that you need to refill the reservoir after each use. Simple controls allow you to easily preset how much time you want for warming.

No audible alarm will sound as no to wake anyone else up in the room during the feeding. You cannot adjust temperature or timer settings. The warmer tends to overheat bottles.

[4.3 / 5]


  • One button operation
  • Fast heating and defrosting
  • Preserve nutrition of breast milk


  • Not quite as durable

Why do we recommend it?

The multi-function feature allows even two bottles to easily defrost and heat up the breast milk or formula milk. It retains the probiotics and nutrients which is present inside the milk. This warmer also heats up the toddler’s complementary food.


Weight: 2.45 lbs

Dimension: 11.2” x 10.7” x 5.9”

Type: Steam based warmer

How quick does it work?

Just add 25ml of purified water, set the temperature to 100℃(212℉), and heat up in 7 minutes. This setting can calm your crying baby quickly. Once the defrosting or warming is finished, it will automatically shut off.

Its auto power-off and dry heating features prevents overheating also you can easily control temperature and set reminders with its LCD screen and voice prompts.


  • One of the remarkable features of this bottle warmer is, it facilitates nutrient absorption to feed your baby with all beneficial qualities of breast milk.
  • The smart temperature control along with the LCD display showcases the internal temperature and setting temperature.
  • The overheat power-off function alerts once the water boils dry or when the temperature exceeds very much.
  • Through the use of quick steam heating, it would approximately take 7 minutes to warm up the whole milk.

Ways to use constant warming

An added benefit of this warmer is it preserves the nutrients of milk, so it is healthy for your baby. First, heat the breast milk or formula milk to 108 degrees F and keep it warm aside, then feed your babies directly when they wake up.

Second, heat the water to 42 degrees C when your babies wake up, just add milk into it and start feeding. One stop setting is helpful for most of the moms as it shows both the real temperature and target temperature.

The water chamber is very difficult to clean, causing quite the mineral build-up. Frozen milk that is still in storage bags will not always fit in the warmer.

Guide to Buy the Best Bottle Warmer

Why Bottle warmer is needed?

Does your baby get fussy if their bottle isn’t warmed? Don’t worry! just choose the best bottle warmer for you and your baby’s needs. You can’t microwave breast milk because the radiation kills all the nutrients and make useless. In that case, you can use a bottle warmer in which you can reheat the stored milk before you can feed it to your child.

Types of Bottle Warmer

There are three different types of bottle warmers which are,

• Home Bottle Warmer: This type can be used within your home on kitchen counters and they use steam. It’s impossible to take on the road or car.

• Hot water Home Bottle warmer: In this case, you don’t use steam but water needs to be heated at a certain temperature, this can take a long time.

• Travel Bottle Warmer: This type of warmer can be used in a car or it can use hot water from a thermos. You can take it wherever you go as it works efficiently both at home as well as a car. It’s essential if you are on a trip.

Types of bottle warmers
Types Of Bottle Warmers

Features to Look For

Once you’ve decided the best type of warmer, the next step is to ensure whether it has all the below features in it.

Ease of use & Cleaning:

Bottles will be used frequently which means it needs adequate cleaning. Before cleaning makes sure it’s unplugged to avoid injury. It should be intuitive and easy to use.  Most of the moms have a doubt which is whether it is safe to leave a bottle warmer on all night? 


A bottle warmer must have this feature because getting distracted is an easy task. So an alarm sound may alert you that the bottle is ready can be useful if you had to move out of the room.

Chamber size:

There are many brands that are universal which means it can work with any bottle whether it’s glass or plastic. But some warmers have a specific chamber size that can only fit a certain brand, so check whether the warmer is universal or not.


Look whether the warmer has an auto shut down features? This is essential to stay safe from the heat. Also check the design, because it must be safe to use around small children.

Tips to Select a Best Baby Bottle Warmer
Tips to Select a Best Baby Bottle Warmer

Concluding Note

Bottle warmers for baby are essential if you use a breast pump. By reading the above guide, I’m sure that you may have got a better idea of what you need a bottle warmer for and what to look for in a warmer. Get the best product and enjoy its benefits.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.

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