10 Best Changing Tables for Babies in 2021 [Tall & Small]

Being a parent, changing diapers upon diapers will most likely be you and your baby’s bonding time. At least for the first 18 months of your baby, you will be changing countless of diapers. As parents, we look for anything that can ease the process to make your day a lot more manageable. That’s why we have the option for a changing table, although it is not exactly a necessity, it will do a lot for the convenience of every parent – and of course, your little ones!

Best Overall Changing Table

(Mom Bonds #1 choice)

  • Outstanding design
  • Anti-microbial table
  • Safe and comfortable for baby
  • Sturdy construction

Why You Should Get A Changing Table

Having a designated changing table will lessen the load of work for you. Who wouldn’t want a table with accessible shelves that will hold your baby’s diapers, wipes, ointments and creams ready for you, all in one place? There’s the convenience of reaching down easily for what you need while you change diapers. There will a lot less running and fumbling around the house, looking for items you need. It will also save you from the mess and hustle of changing diapers on the floor, dinner table or anywhere in the house. With a changing table, you can easily store your baby’s necessities within your reach.

With that said, we are here to help you out with our comprehensive guide based on our personal experiences with the products and let you select the best changing table that will cater to you and your baby’s needs!

There are hundreds of brands for changing tables out there. Carefully handpicked and tested by us, we narrow down the list to 10 to make it easier for parents to choose and decide on changing tables that will check all the factors we mentioned above and also suit your preferences.

Here, we are going to breakdown the top 10 best changing tables for you and your baby’s needs:

How MOMBONDS Chose The Best Baby Changing Tables

Best Baby Changing Tables - 10 Changing Tables Reviewed

Delta Children Eclipse is on top of the list and rightfully so. This changing table has checked multiple boxes on our list for the right choice changing tables for parents.

For the Overall Best Changing Table

[5 / 5]


  • Good looking
  • Non-toxic coating
  • Ample changing space


  • Small size

Here are great points that we love about the Delta Children Eclipse:

  • Easy To Assemble
    Once this beauty arrives in your home, it comes with hassle-free and uncomplicated instructions that you can easily follow.
  • Open Large Shelves
    The shelves underneath can easily fit three storage boxes this gives you ample space to store your baby’s diaper-changing essentials. It is open and accessible that makes it convenient for grabbing your baby essentials easily.
  • Quality Built of Strong Wood
    The built of the Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table is impeccable. It is built with hefty solid wood, making it extremely sturdy and stable. There are tons of reviews that echoes are comments about how sturdy this product is as well.
  • Traditional and Elegant Design
    This piece adds charm not just your baby’s nursery but your home as well. It comes in six different finishes that you can choose
    from – black to gray and even a vintage espresso, whatever that suits your taste.
  • Safety Features
    Not only is the Delta sturdy, but it also includes railguards and safety strap for extra security of your baby. There are safety rails on all four sides, high enough to prevent your baby from falling off. On top of that, there is an attached safety strap to assist you even further for better security of your little one. They also meet safety standards,

Other Information

The Delta Children Eclipse comes with a water-resistant mattress. The table itself is very easy to wipe clean saving you from a little trouble.
A smart tip for the Delta Children Eclipse, you can reuse it as any way you can such as a display stand or a bookshelf when your baby outgrows the diapers. The quality is great and will be as good as new letting you pass it on to a family member that may need a changing table for their babies.

It is one of the best changing table for a baby as it includes 2 shelves, safety belt, top safety rails, changing pad etc. This is a classic and elegant changing station that is perfect for any nursery.

Things To Consider

The Delta Children Eclipse comes with great function but the main concern for the Delta; it can be too short for taller parents.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an easy and traditional changing table that is fine looking and well-made quality, the Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table is the best choice for you. The Delta does well with the look, material, and functionality. Considering its price and durability, it is a purchase you certainly won’t regret.

The only downside is that you can’t really use a 3rd party changing pad with the table, as it’s not quite big enough to fit a standard-sized one. That’s not really a big deal, because the supplied one is pretty good on its own.

Next on our list is the Dream on Me Emily Changing Table. If you’re on a budget or simply do not want to splurge on a changing table, this is the perfect one for you. Not everything that is a little low on the price should be automatically considered of bad quality. Take it from the Dream On Me Emily Changing Table, a table that costs less but at the same time does not completely sacrifice its quality. It also still covers all the bases a standard changing table needs.

For When You’re On A Budget

[4.9 / 5]


  • BPA free materials
  • Comfortable safety rails
  • Traditional design


  • Flimsy

Here are excellent points that we have gained through experience with the Dream on Me Emily Changing Table:

  • Affordable Price
    The price on this won’t hurt your wallet and at the same time, it will certainly serve its purpose and be functional for you and your baby’s convenience.
  • Lightweight
    The legs on this are thinner compared to other tables but it is still decently sturdy and firm. It does not have any added bulk making it easier for you to move it around if you needed to do so.
  • Large Accessible Shelves
    This comes with two open shelves underneath offers plentiful space for you to store baskets or storage boxes. It has raised edges on the shelves that will prevent items from dropping
  • Safety Features
    There are guardrails all-around the table and headrails that are slightly raised designed for maximum security of your baby. A safety belt is also provided to keep your baby from wriggling around while you change their diapers. It also meets safety standards and is toxic-free.

Other Information

There are five color options from black; natural and cherry – choose whichever style matches you the most. The table also includes a 1-inch thick changing pad and a safety belt.

This definitely feels as designed for comfort and ease for both parents and the baby, the Dream On Me Emily will not disappoint. Setting up the changing table is simple and easy; it also has no added bulk.

If you are a taller parent, you do not have to worry about back pains as this table stands at four feet, which will perfectly put you on ease as you do the daily diaper changing task.

Actually the Dream on Me Emily style changing table is the cheapest option from this list. It has an open, easily accessible design and has a two large shelves below which offers an excellent storage area. The changing table is very easy to assemble.

Things To Consider

The frames on this product are made of sturdy wood but the shelves below are not of the same quality. The bases for the bottom shelves are quite flimsy and you might need to be a little careful with how much weight you put in the shelves.
As mentioned, it is rather lightweight. It is important to be noted that this table has a weight limit of 25 pounds instead of the regular 30 pounds.

Final Thoughts

This budget-friendly piece will be a great alternative for parents out there whilst still holding up to your expectations. It has the basics needed for a changing table with a changing top that has railguards on all four sides, two shelves underneath and changing pads included.
Be reminded that this is not exactly an heirloom piece but for the time being, it is an easy choice for anyone who is on a budget.

The shelves are not designed of the same sturdy wood as the frame so it can’t be durable. The side railing doesn’t lower and raise. The changing pad is very thin.

For starters, Graco is already a well-established company for baby products that will guarantee you the quality of this changing table. If you are looking to vamp up the look of your baby’s nursery, the Graco Classic changing table will certainly add a classier look. It may come across as a piece of decorative furniture but its quality and function will not dissatisfy you.

For A Classy Look for Your Nursery

[4.9 / 5]


  • JPMA & CPSC certification
  • Tall open shelves for storage
  • Robust construction


  • Screw holes are not drilled correctly

Here are a few points why you should consider getting the Graco Classic Changing Table:

  • Classic and Elegant Design
    We are not the only ones who are raving about what a beauty this piece is, tons of reviews also agrees with us. Its design will match your baby’s nursery and your house’s interior. This piece will surely be an eye-catching piece of furniture in your home.
  • Best Storage for Cloth Diapers
    The storage below benefit parents who uses cloth diapers or if you are planning to switch to cloth diapers – the extra supplies needed for these diapers requires storage. The generous space of shelves underneath easily gives you the advantage of getting enough storage area for your cloth diaper necessities.
  • Safety Features
    This table features an extra deep surface for added safety measures while changing your baby or infant. It also has four railings all around and a safety belt secure enough for your little one.

Other Information

The assembly for this piece is fairly manageable and a wrench will be included which is the only tool you will need for setting it up. All three layers are made out of pinewood; it is sturdy and stands solid on its four legs.

You also don’t have to worry for unnecessary mess as this comes with a water-resistant changing pad that will make your task a whole lot easier.

The Graco Classic Changing Table is compliant with all CSPC and ASTM safety standards and regulations.

Graco Changing table has a classic look and comes with a four different color options which makes this piece even better fit for any nursery design. The railings protect your child from falling off without compromising your access.

Things To Consider

Although it comes with a changing pad, it does not have the best quality and you may need to purchase a thicker one to replace it.
It is on the pricier side but there is a reason for it as it is high quality and durable.

Final Thoughts

This will definitely add a little unique tone in your baby’s nursery whilst still meeting safety standards. The durability is worth your investment and it will guarantee you of its usefulness for years to come. You have the option to use it for other storage needs when your baby’s diaper changing phase is over.

This changing table tends to scratch easily also the shelves have no sidings or backings keeping the items from falling off. Finally the changing pad is very thin so just handle with care.

The DaVinci Jenny Lind changing table one stands out, literally – it settles at forty-inches of height. This will save you from the tedious hours of bending and relieve you from back pain for taller and shorter parents alike.

For the Tall Parents

[4.8 / 5]


  • Phthalate safe
  • Perfect pairing with crib
  • No assembly required


  • White paint chips off easily

Here are points to heighten your idea of why DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table is perfect for you:

  • Longer Height
    The height of this piece is ideal for taller parents. This saves you from the backbreaking work when you change your baby’s diaper.
  • Made from High-Quality Wood
    It is made from New Zealand pine wood that is sturdy and durable. It guarantees you long-lasting use making it worth your purchase.
  • Safety Features
    The rails enclosed the changing area for extra safety. It also comes with an anti-tip kit, which is a great tool to ensure your baby’s safety. It is also guaranteed to meet. ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards

Other Information

It is completely worth its price and made with sturdy and durable material. Even with its sturdiness, it is still lightweight and this gives you the advantage of being able to move it easily in the nursery or anywhere in your home.

The design is simple and white that puts a classic appearance, with its intricate spindle rails that will surely look great in your home. The open shelves below leave enough space for you to place storage boxes and diaper-changing necessities as well.

It also comes with a safety strap, a changing pad, and an anti-tip kit to help prevent accidents of tipping over.

This charming standard crib is one of the most recommended cribs in the market also it stands high in customer rankings. It is completely child safe as it is made from non-toxic materials, has anti tip kit and a safety strap included for better protection.

Things To Consider

There are a couple of complaints about the chipping off of white paint easily, which will require you to be a little warier and take extra care with handling the product.

Final Thoughts

We might have raved a little about the DaVinci Jenny Lind’s height and although that is truly an added plus for this table, it is also absolutely perfect for anyone who appreciates the classic design that it has. You will not only be impressed by its design but by its durability as well.

Wheels don’t lock , the changing table is diffuse to assemble with unclear instructions. The railings are low all the way around, so the table need to be against a wall for better protection against falls.

If you are all about organization, the Costzon Baby Changing Table is the one for you! This changing table provides unique storage space underneath that will you surely enjoy along with its trendy patterns.

For the Organization Obsessed

[4.7 / 5]


  • Pull out storage basket
  • Foam changing pad
  • Removable hamper


  • May wobble

Here are the reasons why we love the Costzon Baby Changing Table:

  • Hamper plus Three Storage Boxes
    Instead of an open storage shelf, this changing table provides you with a hamper and three storage boxes readily available for you and your storage needs.
  • Safety Features
    This doesn’t lack in its safety features. It provides you safety rails all around on the changing tabletop and it also comes with a safety belt for an extra safety precaution

Other Information

This also comes with a vinyl waterproof changing pad and safety belt. The storage boxes are removable and you can easily organize your little one’s belongings in it.

You can use the hampers and storage boxes in various ways, like putting away dirty clothes or for bulk items such as packs of diapers, blankets, and toys. You can utilize the three-pull out baskets as well and organize your baby’s diaper-changing needs in their perspective baskets.

It’s the best sturdy changing table with plenty of storage, along with a removable hamper. It has four low safety rails all around, the drawers have label frames just to remind you where you stored your supplies.

Things To Consider

It is important to note that although the Costzon Baby Changing Table has great storage, the durability may not be as high quality compared to other tables. The rails for the changing top are fairly low and might require you to be extra cautious when handling your baby in the table.

Final Thoughts

The Costzon Baby Changing Table is not a bad choice especially when you are needing extra storage for your baby’s essentials. The provided storage boxes will also save you a little money instead of buying it separately. This is best for when you’re on a budget and still want a proper organization space.

There is no shelves underneath the drawers if you wanted to take the drawers out. The drawers don’t have a back, so they can fall out behind if the changing table isn’t against a wall.

If you opt for a sleek and classic look for your baby’s nursery, the South Shore Little Smiley Changing Table will do great for you and your home. This beautiful furniture is one of the most versatile changing tables out there, where you can easily convert the top from a changing table to a regular dresser.

For Versatility

[4.5 / 5]


  • Chocolate finish drawers
  • Removable changing station
  • Eco-friendly panels


  • Does not include changing pad

Here are features that we really liked about the South Shore Little Smiley Changing Table:

  • Removable Changing Tray
    This feature allows you to interchange this from a functional changing table to a regular dresser. This gives you the advantage of being able to use it for years to come.
  • Ample Storage Space
    Below the changing top, you have three large drawers and a smaller drawer on the right as well two open shelves on it. This will keep your baby’s items neat and organized at its best.
  • Safety Features
    The changing table has rounded contours together with a secure front panel for your baby’s safety.

Other Information

It is durable enough for you to last a long time and be of a valuable piece of furniture in your home. It features rounded outlines and a front panel that is secure enough for your baby. Underneath the changing top boasts an ample storage shelf with an open space that is separated by a detachable shelf and four drawers appropriate for storing and organization. The wooden knobs add an illusion drawer and give a classic look to match your home.

The top can be removed and the entire piece can be converted into a regular dresser or storage unit. This functionality allows it to look great in any room, which is especially good for moms short on space.

Things to Consider

It will take a little more patience to assemble this piece. The tools and accessories are not included and might need another person to help you set up. It also does not come with a mattress and changing pads.

Final Thoughts

We cannot express enough how versatile this piece is and how great of an investment this table is for years to follow. It is functional and versatile during and even after your baby’s diaper changing phase. You can keep this wonderful furniture after years to come and it will still be able to help you store and organize your needs.

One major drawback is the lack of tools and accessories. It doesn’t come with a changing pad or mattress and you’ll need to get your own tools and another adult helper to assemble it.

There’s nothing better than a changing table with wheels. The Graco Lauren gives you a little extra convenience with its mobility. The wheels definitely add a unique twist to a changing table while still being functional.

For Extra Mobility

[4.3 / 5]


  • Locking Wheels for mobility
  • Certified by CPSC, JPMA, ASTM
  • Convenient storage space


  • Tricky assembling

Here are the unique features we love about Graco Lauren:

  • Wheels
    This gives you extra mobility and flexibility as you can move this table around your house wherever you please. You don’t have to worry as the wheels also come with a lock and will be completely safe for your baby.
  • Affordability
    This comes in a price that you can definitely be happy about and another good note is that it does not compromise with its quality
  • Safety Features
    There are railguards all around the changing table which will prevent your baby from rolling off. The wheels also have a lock to keep it stationary.

Other Information

Not only you can move it from room to room, but its minimalistic design will also go great in your home whether your interior is modern or classic. It also has open, storage spaces practical for you to store your baby’s needs.

This piece is also proof that the better durability of a product does not mean a higher price point. Its material is high quality as it is and you will be able to repurpose it as a coffee cart, kitchen supplies or even as a bookshelf.

The Graco Lauren changing table is one of the cheapest options available for a simple changing table. This changing table is a sleek and portable design, able to move easily and nearly anywhere.

Things To Consider

Although the wheels do have its safety precautions, it’s still important to keep an eye on your baby as the wheels can take away a little stability. The headboard and footboard are also fairly high this lessens elbow space while changing diapers.

Final Thoughts

This is another great on a budget option. It is mobile, durable and versatile. If you want extra flexibility at home, the Graco Lauren will for sure satisfy your needs. It is also for long-term use as you can add it as a piece of your furniture at home and still be functional. Of course, the wheels certainly add to the fun and convenience of it.

The headboard and footboard are tall enough that they can hinder your elbow space when changing your child. The wheels take away some of the stability of the changing table, especially since only two of the wheels lock.

There’s no need to worry about having to deal with small spaces at home as The Badger Basket Diaper Corner will be a wonderful choice for you. This will provide a changing table that will not take up a large space in your home.

For Minimal Spaces

[4.2 / 5]


  • Convertible dressing table
  • Great space saver
  • Easy access shelves


  • Thin changing pad

Here are points that we adore about the Badger Basket Diaper Corner:

  • Unique Shape
    Its diamond-like shape is specifically designed to fit the corners of your home. This incredible innovation will fit efficiently in your home without being bulky and obstructive.
  • The layout of Changing Pad
    The way you will be changing diapers is – you will have the baby’s feet facing you which a lot of parents also prefer. The provided changing pad has its contoured that will give a little security for your baby from its side.
  • Large Storage
    As it has a unique shape, this gives a great space underneath where you can easily put your baby essentials.

Other Information

The unique shape of the Badger Basket provides large storage underneath it comes with triangle sides and a rectangular center that will certainly hold a great amount of storage for diapers, wipes and rest of the baby’s necessities. This also includes a pad that is contoured perfectly for maximum comfort for your baby.

You also have the option of turning it into a TV Stand, storage for plants or even a place for other household items when your baby diaper-changing tasks are over.

The Badger Basket Modern Changing Table offers a little more organization than other changing tables. A changing pad comes with the changing tables as well as a safety belt to keep your child safe on the table. The hamper can also be replaced with a diaper pail.

Things To Consider

The Badger Basket Diaper Corner does come with great features but the durability of it is not as long-lasting compared to other changing tables. There are no safety rails for this diaper corner and to compensate for it they provide a contoured changing pad.

Final Thoughts

This is best for parents who do not have big spaces for a changing table. Although it does wonders for space-saving, it is a little bit of a pricier side and you are not exactly paying for good quality. If you are not tight on budget, this could pass for its compact shape and functionality.

The baskets are made of a cheap material that starts to come apart after a short period of time. While the changing table has great features, it is unfortunately not well made and is very difficult to assemble.

Another outstanding versatile piece on the list is the Babyletto Hudson Drawer. It is durable, functional and multi-purpose.

For the Modern Minimalistic

[4.4 / 5]


  • 3-in-1 convertible
  • Includes anti-tip kit
  • Sturdy pine wood construction


  • Smells heavily

Here are wonderful features of the Babyletto Hudson Drawer:

  • Mid-Century Design
    The simplicity and clean look of this piece are great for parents that are into a minimalistic design and it will be a nice addition to your home
  • Removable Changing Tray
    This piece comes as a changing table that has a removable changing tray; the tray has raised sides for extra security. When you remove the changing tray it turns to a functional dresser and you can use it as a storage cabinet for your organization needs.
  • Safety Features
    A wonderful feature for the drawers is stop mechanisms that will hinder it from being pulled fully open, assuring you of safety precautions for your baby. They also provide an anti-tip kit to ensure that accidents do not happen. This product meets safety standards as well.

Other Information

The three-drawer dresser underneath will keep your baby’s clothes and needs organized in the drawer that smoothly closes. The storage cabinet will also keep you from clutter as you can easily organize your baby’s necessities neatly in it.

Hudson crib by Babyletto is a beautiful crib with clean lines. It is a popular 3 in 1 convertible crib, which is actually the best-selling model from Babyletto. It is a modern, eco-friendly crib which offers great versatility to the young family.

Final Thoughts

If you are specifically looking for a modern minimalistic design for your baby’s nursery, this is the right choice for you. Prepare to splurge a little for this piece but it will be certainly worth every penny as this is made with high-quality materials. This is durable and versatile that you will be able to use for the long-term.

Quality is not up to the mark so it makes the entire changing table slightly wobbly. The changing pad is cornered to fit on the table, which means that regular covers do not fit it.

As frequently mentioned, your child will eventually grow out of the changing tables and it will not be very useful eventually. So why not purchase an all-around changing table that will benefit you better long-term. The DaVinci Autumn is a well-made changing table dresser combo that has a classic and charming look to it. Not only it is a beauty, but also a piece of highly functional furniture.

For the Best Combo

[4.3 / 5]


  • Easy gliding drawers
  • Contour changing pad
  • Versatile function


  • Tricky installation

Here are the features that we love about the DaVinci Autumn 4-Drawer Dresser:

  • Removable Changing Tray
    The removable changing tray is designed specifically for the safety of your little one and the purpose of being able to refashion it to become a dresser.
  • Storage Drawers
    It has four spacious drawers that you can easily organize your baby’s clothes, diapers and necessities. This sturdy chest of drawers will last you long after your baby’s phase of diaper changing.
  • Safety Features
    The drawer’s glide easily to your satisfaction and on top of that, the stop mechanisms are specifically installed for the best of the safety of your baby. The anti-tip kit is also included that will give you a little peace of mind knowing that your baby will be less prone to accidents.

Other Information

The DaVinci Autumn 4 Drawer Dresser combines two pieces of furniture into one. The changing tray can be attached to the back of the dresser and there are no visible marks on the top area when you remove it. The drawers have sturdy metal glides so you know they’ll last a while.

The DaVinci Autumn 4 Drawer Dresser provides a versatile way for parents to combine two pieces of furniture into one. Great safety features, including an anti-tip kit and a stop mechanism on the drawers.

Final Thoughts

Think about the long-term and this piece is the right fit for you. Even if it’s in the pricier side, the DaVinci Autumn 4-Drawer Dresser is a great investment. It is practical and functional. It will go along well with your furniture and be of great use for you and your family through the years.

Assembly process is very difficult in this changing table, most of the parents complained about this feature. Also you have to purchase the changing pad separately which is not fair.

How To Choose A Changing Table

Let’s roundup the important points and ask ourselves what we have to consider when buying a changing table:

  • What are the types of changing tables?
  • What is your budget for a changing table?
  • Is the changing table durable and/or versatile?
  • Does it meet your personal and government safety standards?
  • Will it optimize your diaper-changing task to its maximum comfort?
  • Is it functional for your diaper-changing needs?
  • Does it suit your style and fit your home?
How to Choose the Best Baby Changing Table

Types of Changing Tables

First of, consider the type of changing table that you would prefer, in this guide we will tackle four main types.

  • Changing table with shelves – this option is standard and has all the basics for a changing table. Three-levels with the designated changing table on top and two open shelves underneath.
  • Changing table-dresser combination – this has a chest of drawers or cabinets underneath, making it a multi-purpose option. It usually has a removable changing tray that allows it to convert to a dresser.
  • Changing table on wheels – this option is in your standard design of a changing table, three levels – a changing table on top with two open shelves below but also, it has wheels which gives it extra mobility
  • Changing tables with an extra organization – this is made for a maximum organization with storage boxes and/or a hamper readily available underneath for easier storing of necessities


With the type of changing table that you prefer, consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend. It’s important to note that not all expensive tables are guaranteed high quality and cheaper options can also lead to lower standard tables.

The cost will depend if it’s made out of real wood or particle board. Materials from particle board can be good looking but it does not last for a long time.

If you’re plan for the changing table are for an extended period of time, it is better to invest in a higher-quality table.

Durability & Versatility

We should also consider thinking long-term when it comes to choosing a changing table. Some options are impressively cost-efficient. This high quality made tables will last you a long time and guarantee your money’s worth.

You want your table to be stable and sturdy to guarantee your baby’s safety as well. Not only it will provide you with security, but it will also assure you that you can prolong the life of your table’s use.

A great tip is also considering a table’s versatility whether it is a two-in-one or an interchangeable dresser that you know you can use even after your baby’s diaper phase. Your changing table can easily have a second life and still be useable for you and your family’s storage needs.

It will be a great investment if you decide on a well-made table that is also multi-purpose and will last you a lifetime.


Our priority is for our children to be safe, choose features that guarantee support and all-around rails to prevent your baby from falling off. The recommended height for the railing is at least 2 inches high on all sides.

Another great item to look for is an anti-tip kit that is sometimes provided in these products. These are included for the best safety and there will be fewer accidents.

Important safety note
Although some changing tables include safety belts, it is still important to keep an eye on your baby or keep a hand on your baby as safety belts can sometimes create false security and it is not a guaranteed alternative for full supervision for your baby.

Comfort and Function

Make sure that the table is within a comfortable height for you to prevent any back pain and save you from the trouble of bending too often. Taller tables can be up to 43 inches (or 3.5 feet) high and you should opt for this height if you are a taller parent. Adjust a little bit to a shorter table if you are shorter in height. The ideal measurements for a comfortable placement – the higher parts of the changing table should hit your hips.

A changing table usually has open shelves that are great places for storage boxes and provides ample space for your baby’s necessities. This will give you the convenience of having all the essentials ready for you to use as you change your baby’s diapers.

For maximum organization, there are options where a hamper or storage boxes are already provided so you don’t have to buy it separately. Another great option is the dresser combination where there are chests of drawers that you can also easily organize your baby’s essentials as well.


This is not necessarily an issue but consider your preferences of color and size. A table that goes well with your preferred taste and matches the interior of your house and your baby’s nursery would not hurt.

Take note of the dimensions of the table as well so as to fit in your home whether you have extra space or not.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, within the 10 options that we have presented, you will be able to find a perfect match for you and your baby. It all comes down to your budget, availability of space, practicality and preferences. There are tons of benefits of choosing the right changing table for you. It will save you time, energy and a lifetime worth’s for the changing table that you will purchase.

Splurging a little bit on a high-quality table wouldn’t hurt; the DaVinci Autumn 4-Drawer Dresser is a great choice for multi-purpose furniture that you can keep for the later years. Other tables like the Badger Basket Diaper Corner lets you have the option to repurpose the furniture and will be a great organization for your home. A unique piece like the Graco Lauren Changing Table will be a great use for your home as well once your baby does not need it. Its mobility adds to the charm and convenience as a great coffee stand or even for your kitchen needs.

If you are on a tight budget, the Dream on Me Emily Changing Table is not a bad option for you and your baby as it serves its purpose and still be functional to meet your needs.

In the end, you and your baby’s comfort matters the most. Once you decide on a changing table that will suit your lifestyle, it will be of extreme convenience for you and your baby. It will give you a lot more time for you to play with your little one and be comforted that their necessities are all in one place.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.

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